Sixers Take Massive 2-1 Lead Over Raptors

I did not see this coming, after watching game one last Saturday i thought the Raptors were going to runaway with this series. The Sixers have turned this thing around quickly and are starting to look like what Philly envisioned when they picked up Jimmy Butler. Healthy or not Joel Embiid went off last night and showed why hes so important to this Sixers team. He went off last night with a stat line of 33 points 10 rebounds and 5 blocks in probably his best all around game of these playoffs.

If this Sixers team continues playing like this they could be the best team in the East right now, with the Celtics and Bucks fighting it out in the other series. As much as this is about the Sixers playing well right now, its also about the Raptors faltering in the playoffs once again. With Kyle Lowry nowhere to be seen again last night, you have to wonder if hell ever get over the playoff hump and be able to really contribute like the Raptors need.

This series is far from over and a win in the next game for the Raptors and well be right back to square one with the Raps heading home for game five. If the Sixers play anything like they did last night though the Raptors will have a tough hill to climb come Sunday afternoon. Both these series in the east have gone back and forth from game to game. After game one of the Celtics series everyone thought that was going to be all Celtics but the Bucks showed up and showed out in game 2. Its nice to see the east with four teams who could eventually end up in the finals, not like in years past with just Lebron and the Cavs trouncing everyone. These playoffs have been very intriguing and I’m excited to see how this series turns out. Hope y’all had a great week and lets enjoy the weekend y’all.

Gump Cathcart

Goodbye 2018 NBA

I’d say 2018 was a good year for basketball but the Warriors are still champions so it really wasn’t. Lebron went to LA, Derrick Rose is back, and hopefully 2019 is the year the Warriors give up the throne for good.

Yeah, we’re gonna go ahead and continue on with Luka and the Mavericks. Mavericks and Thunder are going to war tonight in Oklahoma City and everyone is worried about what they’re going to do tonight. Except Luka Doncic. Luka hasn’t had a real new years eve since he was in elementary school, so I don’t think his head will be anywhere but the court tonight. Mavericks are +8 and that’s just too much for a team that’s been playing really well. Mavericks +8 all day and lets hope Russ and PG13 are thinking about another party to celebrate not being on terrible teams anymore. With that, I want to continue to ride the hot hand of Harden. James Harden took the Celtics down and has finally sobered up enough from his MVP summer of partying to play basketball again. They take on the Grizzlies at home on New Years Eve. Now, I know I just talked about the partying but I think James is focused on dropping 40 a game and swindling his way back to the playoffs. Rockets -4.5 at home and don’t be scared if they cover at the last possible second, most likely will happen but no promises. Told you all the Rockets would get it together when Melo left and here we are.

I refuse to leave 2018 while betting an under so I got two overs for everyone to hang there hat on. Don’t actually hang your hat but going into tonight these two wreak of points points points. First, and most obvious, Warriors at the Suns. Every team tonight is thinking I don’t wanna play defense so expect a lot of three pointers. Over/under is set at 227.5 and because it’s that low I sort of feel like taking the under but were past that. Screw the under and everything under bettors are about until I’m back on the under train. Last over/under of 2018 is going to be on my first round pick for my fantasy team. He’s tall, he’s young, and Jimmy Butler called him a bitch. That’s right, Karl Anthony Towns and the Wolves roll into Pelican country for their final game of 2018. I’ll be honest, I regret picking Towns, but he can score with the best of them and after last nights performance, I think he’ll carry that into tonight and battle Anthony Davis. If not, I’m never taking another Wolves over again until the play the Sacramento Kings.
When Jimmy Butler calls you a bitch but you still make 100 + million

In 2019, the Warriors won’t win the title. I say that without seeing them play with Boogie Cousins so they probably will still win the title. With that being said, the Celtics will for sure win the NBA title this year. By the time April rolls around, we will be the one seed in the east and a very feared team around the league. That or I’ll be tremendously disappointed with the season. Warriors vs Rockets, Celtics vs 76ers. Celtics vs Warriors and we take home the championship. No, I’m not laughing.  

I had no idea college basketball played on New Years Eve but here we are, this late into 2018 and still learning new things. Providence -1.5, Idaho +7.5, Pepperdine -16, and Gonzaga -25. There are things to gamble on all day and night so good luck to all in their betting endeavors.

PSA: New Years Resolution is to start winning bets, may be the last good fade night we have in a long time. Probably not though. 



NBA Picks To Keep The Fade Season Going

I’ve been red hot, and when I say red hot, we know I mean ice cold. Let’s keep it going for the sake of the people’s money.

First an foremost, I hope all of these don’t hit, but I will say I’m not against winning a bet before 2018 is over. The Celtics are hitting their stride and I figured I would get this one out of the way because of course I’m taking Celtics -7.5 at home against the Pelicans. We have big men that play defense and if you stop AD then the Pelicans really aren’t that good. Second pick will really judge whether fade season is still thriving. Kings -2.5 against a Bulls team that has won only 6 games. Call me crazy, but if the Bulls win cause I bet on the Kings then I will have a very difficult time deciding whether to laugh or cry. Chicago is 6-21, lets hope the Kings don’t act like the Kings we’ve all known for the last 10 years, unless you fade me then lets go Bulls.
My bookie’s for the past month 

As of right now, there are no over/under’s that are above 230. With that being said, Minnesota @ Golden State is at 229 and I think it will go up as the day goes on. We’re going to take that over and hope KAT doesn’t play like Jimmy Butler says he does, soft. Due to no over/under’s being above 230, we are going to go with the elusive under. I hate betting under’s but were looking to stay hot (cold) so we might as well take one. Grizzlies @ Nuggets over under is at 198.5 and since it’s that low right now I think its going way under. Nuggets score a lot of points, so when an over under is set that low for a home game, my mind screams under under under.
Walking into work tomorrow after fading me and making millions 

At the end of the day, this is a win win situation for us all. When I say for us all, I obviously am not included in ‘all’ or ‘us’. Celtics -7.5, Kings -2.5, Timberwolves/Golden State over 229 and Nuggets/Grizzlies under 198.5 – good luck to everyone in their gambling quest tonight. 

Also like the Vikings tonight just so everyone is aware. 

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Monday Night Basketball Picks

Sunday was ruined by Jimmy Butler and the 76ers but were back at it today with more basketball to choose from tonight.

Philadephia and Elton Brand decided to make a move that would make their team a contender. However, I do think they gave up a little too much in the long run. On paper, they have a great starting 5 but with a pretty short bench. Landry Shamet is a guy for them who will get more important minutes and is a lights out shooter. Amir Johnson is the only guy I see who can play big man defense, after Embiid, on this roster now. We’ll see how the young guys play but if they don’t perform just wait for Melo to swoop in and ruin their season. Seems as though his time in the Lone Star State is all over.

Naturally, I’m going to take the 76ers (+2) @ Heat tonight. Going to take them ML too just cause they’re dogs and even without Jimmy Butler I think this team is better than Miami. Embiid and Simmons still get the job done without the old starting 5 but just the spread being this small and Butler not playing, I can see a player like Simmons call it early to save his energy for the Butler welcoming on Sunday.
Fultz realizing Butler’s gonna make him cry too

Jazz @ Grizzlies and Spurs @ Kings are the two other spreads I’m taking tonight. Jazz and Spurs are both -3 and I’m taking the two away favorites. I think the Grizzlies still suck and after the Jazz beat the Celtics I want to see where the Utah train takes me. Spurs have Pop and I feel like he destroys teams with young guys on it. De’aaron Fox is a good talent but the oldies on the Spurs get this one done. Lastly, and most important, our over 230 for the night. Right now we sit at a comfortable 2-3 overall for these over 230 games. I warned you all the NBA is watching me but I think this week they let these games go because of how many points were scored in the NFL yesterday. Tonight, Pelicans @ Raptors with a sturdy over 232.5 will be the game we look to for points. My favorite part of every night is hoping two teams come together for an all out points fest. Let’s hope this happens in the 6 tonight and Drake’s celebrating all over the court.


Jimmy Butler To The 76ers, Fuck

Yeah, the Philadelphia 76ers just got the missing piece and all of a sudden there’s a race in the eastern conference.

No idea who Justin Patton is but holy shit, mother fucker, son of a bitch, the Celtics have a team that will seriously challenge them for the Eastern Conference Finals. Simmons, Butler, and Embiid are a trio that I will not like to see walking into the TD Garden. After losing to the Utah Jazz and giving up 123 points, I hope the Celtics see this and start to pep the fuck up. Road trips are tough and I know the C’s will turn it around, but now we have a team to worry about in the East. I blame this solely on Joel Embiid for bringing light to the fact that our team’s “rivalry” wasn’t anything cause we always kick the shit out of them. Christmas Day at 5:30 is going to be an all out war against a now great 76ers team. 

Last night I went 2-2 again, fucking bullshit .500 NBA gambler right now. BUT NOT TONIGHT. The 76ers are back and so is Connor Campbell’s NBA Gambling career. We’re taking the Warriors @ Nets over 225, Bucks -3.5 @ Clippers (trap spread), Spurs ML dogs AT HOME against the Rockets (Rockets SUCK), and our elusive over 230 will be LAbron @ Kings over 239. Let’s get wild and scream about how great this race to the NBA title is going to be this season.