PMS 2.0 064 – John Daly, Dan Orlovsky, Tiger’s Back, & The NFL Never Sleeps

On today’s show, Pat and the guys break down one of the most memorable Sunday’s in recent memory as they look back on Tiger Woods winning his 5th Green Jacket at the Masters and discuss his greatness, how much more he has in the tank, and why things were different this time around when they’ve looked promising before. To chat a little bit more about Tiger, Pat welcomes on friend of the show, 2X Major Champion, and one of the most electric human beings to ever walk the planet, John Daly. They chat about his week in Augusta at Hooters and how it differed from last year, how Little John has been performing on the course as of late, what he thought about Tiger winning his 5th Green Jacket and whether or not he’s going to make a run at Jack Nicklaus’ major record, and if there are any young players right now that can challenge the greatness of Tiger’s career (22:47-27:47). Pat and the guys also welcome recurring guest, regular panelist on “Get Up,” and 11 year NFL veteran, Dan Orlovsky, to chat about Russell Wilson giving the Seahawks a hard deadline for a new extension, and whether or not he could end up playing QB for the Giants. They also chat about which coaches from the Sean McVay mold will have successful season or if he is an anomaly, if Joe Flacco will resurrect his career in Denver, and Dan gives out a couple of his sleeper picks for the NFC and AFC next year (38:41-50:20). To close out the show, the guys discuss the premiere of Game of Thrones and try to convince Pat that getting on board with the show is worth his time, and Pat announces the upcoming live podcast tour which has 6 dates in 6 different cities this summer. It’s a fun one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

PMS 2.0 059 – The NFL’s All-Time Leading Scorer In Studio. Let’s. Go.

On today’s show, The GOAT, 4x Super Bowl Champion, 3x 1st Team All-Pro, the undisputed points king of the NFL, Adam Vinatieri, joins Pat and the guys in studio to chat about his record breaking season. He goes through his thought process before the record breaking kick in Oakland, what the NFLPA has been up to among all the rule change proposals, how many more years he has left in the tank, he tells a couple of stories that define the Adam Vinatieri competitive nature, and he breaks down his plans for the rest of the offseason at his ranch in Missouri (2:21-27:54). The guys also chat about the new commercial they’re shooting, dive into a little hockey talk, discuss the return of Game of Thrones and whether or not Pat plans to catch up before the start of the final season, they chat a little more about the Road Hawk Wrestlemania roadtrip, Pat tells a story about one of friends dogs that is half German Shepard half wolf, which spirals into whether or not a human could kill a wolf with his bare hands if he had too, and the guys also discuss the golden days of the internet with dial-up internet, bum fights/the Kimbo era, and AIM. It’s a good one, come and laugh with us, cheers.

PMS 2.0 052 – #McAfeeForMNF & Robert Mathis

On today’s show, Pat and the guys discuss the grassroots guerilla campaign to get Pat into the Monday Night Football booth that started on Twitter yesterday and ended being a top 3 trend in the United States. They also discuss their thoughts on the NFL combine and how entertaining it was, and chat about some other NFL news as we get closer to free agency and the NFL draft. They also dive in Leaving Neverland, the HBO documentary about the Michael Jackson sexual abuse allegations and how disturbing it was, whether or not this effectively ends Michael Jackson, and how it seems to tap into the same formula that has been present in some of the most talked about documentaries of the year. To close out the show, Pat welcomes Super Bowl Champion, 1st and 2nd Team All-Pro, former AFC Defensive Player of the Year and 2013 sack leader, 5x Pro Bowler, future Hall of Famer and former teammate Robert Mathis to the show. They chat about his role with the Colts now as a pass rush consultant and what he’s doing with Gridiron Gang, his own football training service. They also discuss some of the guys that impressed him at the combine, how he and Dwight Freeney pushed and made each other better, whether or not he thought Pat was a good teammate, which quarterback he hated the most, and he answers some questions in the “the room wants to know” (1:05:47-1:36:39). It’s a great time. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

True Detective Season 3 *SPOILERS*

For anyone who wasn’t watching the Oscars last night or who stayed up all night on the east coast and watched both, you were treated to the season three finale of True Detective. Season three was a flashback to season one, done in the same style except the detectives this time were a lot older than season one and were both no longer detectives by the time they got to the bottom of what happened. If you haven’t watched it yet, stop reading NOW.

This was honestly my favourite season yet. I know I’m gonna take a lot of heat for it but I’m fine with that. I thought it was very well done and i thought the two main actors were absolutely fantastic in it. Going back to the layout like season one was a must after season two didn’t get much love from anybody, despite an amazing cast. The way they wrapped this thing up last night was a beautiful thing and it all came full circle for Wayne Hays, who was played by Mahershala Ali. Who had himself quite the night at the oscars as well.

As great as he was, i thought his partner Roland West played by Stephen Dorff was just as great along side him. I know we can never compare these two detectives to Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mcconaughey in season one, but i feel like these two were as close as you can get to it. They were both brilliant in season three and it was all wrapped up very nicely in the season finale last night. If you haven’t checked it out yet do yourself a favour and get into it. Lets have a week y’all.



The First Reviews Are In.. True Detective is BACK

IndieWire“Let’s get this out of the way: “True Detective” Season 3 is good. Whether or not you believe the first season to be an untouchable classic or an overrated but well-acted cop show, Nic Pizzolatto’s new episodes are a big step up from a second season as muddled and meaningless as that water stain above Vince Vaughn’s bed. With strong performances all-around — and a flat-out remarkable turn from Mahershala Ali — HBO’s third season benefits from reliable genre elements, a compelling central story, and aesthetics as lush as they are eerie.”

YES. “Engaging without being enraging, and solid if not spectacular.” Granted, this is only a single review, and I didn’t do much digging to see if any other critics received any screeners, but this is promising. The teaser trailer for season 3 was great, looking more in line with the aesthetics and story structure of season 1, and getting as far away from the muddled mess that many thought season 2 was. Nic Pizzolatto probably bit off more than he could chew with season 2; super convoluted, so many storylines, an odd “mystery,” and a reluctance to let anyone else into the writers room. For season 3, he/HBO brought in David Milch (the creator of Deadwood) to help pen the season and four different directors with other HBO credits under their belts will be helming two episodes each. But the best move, in my humble opinion, was using this season as a star vehicle for Mahershala Ali. He’s one of the hottest, most accomplished stars working in Hollywood right now, and outside of his Oscar winning turn in Moonlight, this looks like it’s going to give him the kind of exposure his career surely deserves. Multiple timelines with a story spanning over three decades, an unsolved murder, and years and years of deep seated guilt, True Detective appears to be getting back to the basics.

The best part about this, is it stands alone. You don’t need any previous viewing history to jump in. Every season is an anthology and stands alone on it’s own legs. No head nods to previous seasons, no loose threads that connects everything. Starting January 13th, everyone is going to be on the same page. We’re heading into the doldrums of January here, and there’s a lot of dogshit that’s going to be on your TV for the next few months until it starts to get warmer. Be thankful that we’re getting a bonafide prestige drama right out of the gates in 2019. 

The best part: If this sucks (highly unlikely), after eight weeks, we just move on and wait until Thrones returns for its final season. No matter which way you slice it, True Detective season 3 is going to be the best TV show available in January. It’ll blow every network TV show out of the water, and likely will be the best show on premium cable to start the new year. If these early critic reviews are any indication (I checked a couple more, glowing reviews from everyone that’s seen it so far), we’re in for one hell of a season that should restore the good name of True Detective and wipe out the bad taste that season 2 left in most people’s mouths, and I for one, couldn’t be more excited. Let me know if youse guys are as excited for this as I am. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a good’un.


Streaming Weekend Watch Guide

We’re big movie/TV guys here at Pat McAfee Inc. Any free time that I’ve got, I’m usually just laying in bed and scrubbing through Starz, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Netflix, and Hulu. I pay a ridiculous amount each month to make sure I’m up to date on all the trends going dahn in Tinseltown. So I figured it would be apropos to keep people updated on a couple of hot picks to click on any of these services.


First things first.. this isn’t going to be for everyone. Roma chronicles “the tumultuous year of a middle class family in Mexico City in the early 1970’s.” Again, not for everyone, and the logline doesn’t really give you much insight into the content of the film. But it’s Alfonso Cuarón, who has directed two of the most beautifully shot films of the last 15 or so years (Gravity, Children of Men), and this is already being lauded as an Oscar front runner for Best Picture. Cuarón is an absolute wizard behind the camera, and has been the mastermind behind a couple of the most talked about one-shot takes in film history.

Roma may not be your cup of tea, but give it shot, it will more than likely be one of the best movies you’ll see this year.

Springsteen On Broadway

The Boss. On Broadway. One man show. If you’re a Springsteen guy/gal, you’ll absolutely love this. If you’re not, this is as good of a time as any to hop on the train. I don’t know what cuts are in this, don’t care either. Some people may bitch that the E-Street Band isn’t there, but I’ll take one evening with The Boss running solo any day of the week.

Momentum Generation

Now streaming on HBO, Momentum Generation, details a group of guys from California who put the surfing world on the map. Doesn’t matter if you’re from the Midwest, East Coast, or from a pocket where surfing isn’t a viable option, this is an insanely interesting look at the people and sport that very few people understand. Beautifully shot with some incredible visuals, engaging story, and unique enough to separate itself from the pack, Momentum Generation is definitely worth a watch, and will make you want to go out and catch a gnarly wave ASAP.

Obviously, there is a lot more shit that’s available on all the premium channels as they add movies to their streaming services daily, but these are three new releases that you probably haven’t seen yet that are well worth the six or so hours it’ll take to burn through them. Enjoy the weekend, folks.. and if you’ve got any recommendations, fire them my way on Instagram or Twitter @tyschmit

BREAKING: Game Of Thrones Is Coming Back In April 2019

Holy. Fucking. Shit. HBO dropping a Hiroshima sized A-bomb this morning about the final season of Thrones. No new footage released, but good God that trailer is sending me from six to midnight. Every battle. Every betrayal. Every risk. Every fight. Every sacrifice. Every death. All #ForTheThrone. What a tagline. 

Unfortunately, I think this gives us a hint that the bodies are going to pile up big time in the final stretch run here. Damn near everyone is going to die. I know it, you know it, the world knows it. So many storylines that need to be wrapped up in only six episodes… When do Dany and Jon realize they’re related? How many more times will Jaime and Cersei boink? What is Arya’s endgame? Who is going to end up on the Iron Throne– if anyone? Is Jon related to the Night King? How much carnage are we going to get in this final battle? Just thinking about all this shit is going to make my head explode.

I wasn’t expecting Thrones until mid-June if not July, so this is essentially Christmas coming early, and I feel like a ten year old waiting on Santa’s fat ass to slide down the chimney. It’s bittersweet that Thrones is coming to an end, but folks, we are in for one hell of a ride. All new beginnings come from some other beginnings end.

Also, if you want to watch every large scale battle from Thrones, you can do so here. Tweet me and let me know what you guys are looking forward to most as Thrones comes to a close.


Game Of Thrones Releases First Set Photo From Final Season

EW – Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow return on this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly.

In the latest issue, we go behind the scenes of Game of Thrones, the most secretive series on television, for the HBO epic’s final season.

From an emotional table read to staging the show’s biggest battle yet to a preview of the season 8’s mysterious storyline, the new issue is an exclusive first look at the show’s six remaining episodes from the set in Northern Ireland.

Oh boy… here we go. Not a lot to take from this photo that is less set photo and more magazine cover photo, but it feels good to have Thrones be a topic of conversation again. Now typically, I avoid Thrones spoilers like the plague. I’ve invested countless hours and seven years of my life into this show, and I’ll be damned if some asswipe flying a drone over some shooting location in Spain is going to unravel the whole thing for me. If I figure out who takes control of the Iron Throne before this final season premieres, you might as well scrap me off the pavement like this guy

What really excites me, is this very very large set piece battle that’s being described as the biggest in the show’s history. They say that every year, and astonishingly, have actually improved on every major battle sequence over the last six and a half seasons.

Exhibit A: The Battle of Blackwater

Exhibit B: The Wildlings attack on Castle Black

Exhibit C: Hardhome

Exhibit D: The Battle of the Bastards

Exhibit E: The Loot Train Battle

Exhibit F: The Frozen Lake Battle 

Jesus. Christ. If those don’t get the blood pumping, I don’t know what will. I can’t even imagine the type of set piece we’re going to get with the inevitable battle of everyone left vs. the White Walkers. We’re talking Starks, Dothraki, Lannisters, Daenerys and dragons, Men of the Night’s Watch, anyone left with a pulse.

Unfortunately, Thrones is still like 7 months away, and shit is bound to leak as we get closer to the season premiere, but HBO has shown that they’re willing to draw and quarter anyone floating spoilers out there. Either way, we’re in for one helluva time as one of the greatest television programs of all-time draws to a close.

Valar Morghulis.


There is No “Hard Knocks” Curse

Scrolling through Twitter I saw a “Moment” (still not sure what even qualifies as a moment) with tweets discussing a so called Hard Knocks Curse.

Look at that list, this is not a curse. This is water finding it’s level. The Madden curse exists because good players with high expectations are hurt or perform poorly in the year they appear on the cover. These were bad head coaches with awful teams and mostly low expectations. Obviously in the wake of the Hue Jackson and Todd Haley firings (lol Cleveland) yesterday, everyone was reminded of this iconic moment from earlier this season…

We all knew it wasn’t if, but when Hue would get the axe. What we didn’t know is that Todd would be hitting the unemployment line for the second time in a calendar year. Turns out the Browns are BAD. A tale as old as time, but still rings true to this day. Hard Knocks is a fantastic series, but can also work as a phenomenal propaganda machine spreading misinformation even more powerful than any Russian hacker or North Korean dictator. A few slow motion shots of a spiraling ball, a killer beat in the background, some fiery coach speak dubbed over top, and as a fan you’re ready to run through a damn brick wall. The excitement around the Browns was palpable, #1 overall stud QB, two of the best WR’s in the game, a stable of productive and high quality RB’s, a promising rookie CB. This was the year… until it wasn’t. 

To put it simply the thing about Hard Knocks is it’s a TV show. NFL Coaches, GMs, and owners absolutely HATE distractions. You can essentially pin reality TV show at the top of any certified list of distractions, it’s the poster boy. Teams DO NOT want to be a part of Hard Knocks, especially good teams. For years the only teams Hard Knocks was being “gifted” to were not great. Most of it is a collection of some the NFL’s most forlorn franchises. Let’s look at the list of teams and their records.

The first year is their previous record/The second is their record after appearing on the show:

Baltimore Ravens – 2000 record: 12-4   2001 record: 10-6
Dallas Cowboys – 2001 record: 5-11   2002 record: 5-11
Kansas City Chiefs – 2006 record: 9-7   2007 record: 4-12
Dallas Cowboys – 2007 record: 13-3   2008 record: 9-7
Cincinnati Bengals – 2008 record: 4-11-1   2009 record: 10-6
New York Jets – 2009 record: 9-7   2010 record: 11-5
Miami Dolphins – 2011 record: 6-10   2012 record: 7-9
Cincinnati Bengals – 2012 record: 10-6   2013 record: 11-5
Atlanta Falcons – 2013 record: 4-12   2014 record: 6-10
Houston Texans – 2014 record: 9-7   2015 record: 9-7
Los Angeles Rams – 2015 record: 7-9   2016 record: 4-12
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 2016 record: 9-7   2017 record: 5-11
Cleveland Browns – 2017 record: 0-16    2018 record: 2-5-1

Outside of Baltimore in 2000 and Dallas in 2007 none of these are exactly powerhouses rolling out the red carpet for HBO cameras. The Ravens actually coming off of a SuperBowl win was a huge get in the premiere season, but let’s be honest they were bound to suffer a setback after letting go of Trent Dilfer… There’s a reason you don’t see the modern successful franchises on this show, the Steelers, the Patriots, the Packers. Great organizations do not want to deal with the distraction.

The argument there is some kind of curse seems silly. These are honestly just average to bad teams that are being featured. Expecting them to suddenly become playoff teams or post double digit wins is fairy tale stuff. The NFL and HBO know this and that’s why they changed the requirements for Hard Knocks a few years ago. Teams are now exempt from the all seeing eye of HBO if they meet any of the following requirements:

1) They have a first-year head coach in place 
2) They have a playoff berth in the past two seasons 
3) They have appeared on Hard Knocks in the past 10 years

While #2 hurts the chances of seeing great teams featured the other two rules certainly helps increase the odds of not seeing the bottom feeders every single year. If the show continues long enough eventually you will see a more storied and successful franchise featured, but until then any curse talk is misguided. No curse, just stink. 

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