Is Carlton Taking Dahn Fortnite?

DISCLAIMER – I’m not made for the blogging world.

Alright Alfonso Ribeiro also know as Carlton from one of the greatest tv shows from our childhood Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I’m not sure if I’m able to choose sides but what the heck lets break down both sides. 

Alfonso Ribeiro AKA Carlton

Alright I researched what he did post Fresh Prince and it’s not a lot, no offense of course but just a bunch of tv shows and he landed big with Dancing with The Stars. But other than that not a lot so does this justify for him to sue Fortnite for a dance he never actually copyrighted himself.

Like I get he’s in the process but if he really thought he should have copyrighted it… shouldn’t he have done that right after Fresh Prince or is he doing it because he starting to see how much money its worth. I believe 2K is an other lawsuit Carlton has as well. So the question is do I believe Fortnite should pay the people for using their dance?

Yes!!! Of course, Fortnite has made so much money for having skins and influenced pop culture dance moves from a lot of people. But for the lawsuit I don’t think you can have “Intellectual Property” on a dance move. Then the movie Bring It On would have been way shorter and Kristen Dunst  character would be in jail.

Editor note: Never in my life did I think I can use a Bring It On reference ever.

Alright so it seems like other people are jumping on this lawsuit train. People joining the lawsuit is Backpack Kid, 2 Milley, and Snoop Dogg. End of the day we talked about it on the show this morning but I feel like this lawsuit can’t work.  Even Alfonso was back tracking and said he didn’t originate the dance. Every dance is based of an other dance thats the whole point of choreography. 

Maybe this lawsuit will be the downfall of Fortnite but I truly believe that they will rise from the ashes like a phoenix and come back even stronger.

From The Desk of Director of Morale


DISCLAIMER: I’m not made for the blogging world

Hello all.. so before I was appointed as Director of Morale of the Heartland Office.

I was a big video games enthusiast and helped start The Pat McAfee Show Twitch Stream. During the process Connor and I learned its not easy to grow a channel but if you put in work you can grow a pretty sweet community.

So basically I wanted to start a weekly video game update. Sometimes it’ll be a video game highlight or even maybe me dunking on stream.

But todays big updates comes from Fortnite and Call of Duty Blackout. The only way a Battle Royale game stays relevant now in days is constant changes or “New Seasons”. Sometimes people hate it and some love the new changes.

Fortnite Update

Alright so Fortnite Season 7… we’ve seen many changes and its by far the most drastic change yet. Alright maybe not the most drastic but aside from the snowy edition side of the map thats all.

Epic has also added old school fighter planes and basically the Halo Sword. Let me start with the fighter plane first…

I wish I can say I’m a fan but every time I’ve played I’m always on the receiving end of the planes instead of the shitting on people with them. My opinion can change on this but besides getting sweet snipes and knocking pilots out of the plane…I get it..its fun. Let’s get to the Halo Sword…

I haven’t personally played with the sword yet but I’ve seen some footage of it and it seems like a mash up of the Thanos gameplay with a King Arthur feel to it and also the Halo sword.

They added these weird zip-lines all over the map and at first I didn’t think I’d like it but…they’ve grown on me. It’s good for getting out of a pickle and could be used for very strategic kills. You also don’t have to waste mats going up mountains. 

Alright I was going to add a Blackout update portion. Unfortunately the update hasn’t came to xbox yet.. till next week I’ll make sure to type one up next week. Thank you so much

From the Desk of Director of Morale

Soulja Boy Is The New Bill Gates

Twitter – In addition to the SouljaGame Console, the rapper is selling a handheld version, SouljaPods, a SouljaWatch, a SouljaPad, SouljaHeadphones and a SouljaPhone.

“Hey mom…yeah, I know what I want for Christmas.” Soulja Boy is doing what everyone else should be doing. These days inventions are just little branches off of bigger ideas. Venmo is just Paypal, the android is just an iPhone, I have no idea if these are comparable but you see what I’m saying (NFL – XFL). I have so many questions for Soulja Boy and the first one has to be what the fuck is a Hand rope hole? I think it’s probably where the wii like lasso is located, but why is that necessary for this piece of machinery? I don’t think the nintendo switch has a hand rope hole so the only possible explanation on why the rope hole is there is incase you wanted to “crank that” after a Fortnite win.
Me winning a Fortnite game on my new SouljaGame console

I find it hysterical that Soulja Boy coined the “SouljaGame Console” and made it look exactly like the new xbox console. The handheld is just a big white psp that also has a gameboy vibe to it to really draw you in. This is the exact same thing as Meek Mill taking a bag of regular cereal and putting it into his own cereal box and calling it his product. These rappers are world class businessmen and it’s hard not to do the superman right into the store to buy one of these bad larry’s.

These are the games that SouljaConsole should have downloaded onto their mainframe and just charged a shit ton of money. This would basically be the playstation classic but the SouljaConsole is an original product, allegedly. Soulja Boy has always been a big gamer so it surprises me it took him this long to create some sort of knockoff to get a couple quick bucks. Good for him though, should of been done years ago by Pdiddy or 50 cent but Soulja did it again. 

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Is Fortnite Ruining Professional Sports?

I’m not made for the blogging world but I’m here to stand up for Fortnite like a masked vigilante and protect what I love. There’s a lot of slander on the internet right now how Professional Athletes are too addicted and should only be concentrating on sports. (I think this is where I put sources to what I’m talking about but you get it..)

David Price was getting shit on during the World Series because he was playing Fortnite in the club house with his teammates. Im going to go ahead and say if they didn’t play Fortnite in the club house…Boston doesn’t win. (HOT TAKE ALERT)

Another big story came from the NHL..The Vancouver Canucks banned all video games on the road. Let’s just say if the Jaguar players who were arrested in London were playing Fortnite no one gets arrested. The league has many players who play video games and still compete at a high level. 


  • DEREK CARR (Bad example but that’s Gruden’s fault)

End of the day I do believe gaming does bring people together…It’s great team bonding and I honestly believe it keep people out of trouble. The NFL just teamed up with Fortnite (not for the reason that I’m “blogging” about) because they know how big Fortnite is and how much money they’re about to bring in. I can’t wait to see what other Leagues jump in now.

From The Desk of Director of Morale

JuJu Is A Treasure And Should Be Treated As Such

Yup that is Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster on Halloween dressed in full Steelers uniform handing out candy to cars at red lights and trick or treating with the neighborhood kids. JuJu’s gonna JuJu.

I love JuJu. He’s incredible. Best rookie WR in the history of the organization. He made play after play after play with incredible celebrations after each TD, FUCKING UP that piece of shit Vontaze Burfict, having his bicycle stolen, and turning down pornstars. Lets take a trip down memory lane.

I couldn’t have loved him anymore after his Rookie season. Just a carefree kid who loved playing football and having fun. I even seeked him out at the Super Bowl party to let him know how much I loved him.

Then came a dark time in my life, the offseason. I become a different human in the offseason. I hate almost everything and everyone when there is no football on TV. That’s when things started to turn for me and Juju. I realize now that it’s not his fault. He was just having fun playing Fortnite with Drake, going to class in full uniform, and fucking with humans at country concerts, but I hated it. I was worried. I thought he was doing too much. FOCUS ON FOOTBALL! 

Shame on me. How dare I ever doubt what Juju could do. How dare I forget that Juju is 21 years old. He’s a Kid. How dare I want to rob him of having fun doing what he loves. I’m an asshole and an idiot. Now when I see Juju trick or treating in full uniform I just smile because I know when Sunday comes around he is still going to ball out no matter what he’s doing off the field. In Juju I trust. Hopefully he never changes.

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