Hue Jackson’s Hiding Something

In his first television interview since the hilarious breakup with the Browns, Hue Jackson answered questions about his relationship with Todd Haley. He mentioned that he didn’t think that Baker was playing that well. He also took a little bit of ownership about “not getting enough wins at the end of the day.” His interview was a standard just got fired conversation. Congrats to “First Take” for making that happen. That’s cool, we all knew the coaching chemistry was going to be god awful since literally episode 1 of “Hard Knocks.” BUT… What is Hue hiding under this cot damn paper? It’s not a hard fold. He’s clearly holding it down on purpose. Phones are very welcomed on a TV set.

Excited to hear what you think it could be. Comment below, 1st response to make me actually laugh, will get some free merch.. Let’s GOOOO