Man Burns Down House Killing Spider’s, Immediately Becomes My Best Friend

ABC News– A man who was house-sitting for his parents set their home on fire when he used a blowtorch to kill spiders, according to authorities.

Fire fighters responded to a 911 call about a fire Tuesday night at a home in Fresno, California.

The tenant of a two-story residential house “just made a bad decision to use fire instead of insecticides to kill the spiders,” Lee Wilding, deputy fire marshal with the Fresno Fire Department, told ABC News.

“The tenant used a torch like a handheld propane torch to kill the spiders that were around the base of the residential structure, and in doing so some flame from the torch went in between some of the cracks and the siding and into the interior of the wall,” Wilding said. “It started a small fire within the wall that then traveled up into the attic through the wall space and into the attic to cause a larger fire.”

It was bound to happen.  You cant have that many memes about something happening without it actually happening 

Im not sure that I’ve respected a move more in my life.  Spider’s are the absolute worst things on this god forsaken planet. Not one thing worse.  Look at these pieces of shit…

Fuck the fire marshal who said it was a “bad idea” to use fire instead of insecticide’s to kill the spider’s.  Not everyone just has insecticide’s laying around the house and there is no way that you can leave the house to buy insecticide’s and hope that when you get back the spider’s haven’t wised up and moved to a different spot of the house. You kill the spider’s with whatever means are closest to you, and a blowtorch is an excellent option.  His only fault was not being great with a torch, but that happens.  This man is a hero and should be treated as such. Not only did he save his family but he also probably saved 100’s of lives from the surrounding area. Kudos to this man. I will gladly donate to a GoFundMe for this man to pay for the house and any ludicrous things he has to pay for because of this.  Keep fighting the good fight sir.

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