The Bengals Are Officially Dunder Mifflin Scranton

I should’ve seen this before but I needed that one little missing piece. This morning that piece was revealed to us all when Hue Jackson was brought on as “Special Assistant to the Head Coach” aka Assistant to the Regional Manager. LOL

Wait wait it gets better. Hue Jackson who has been an offensive coach his entire career is going to be helping the DEFENSE. I assume Marvin Lewis is hiding Hue on the defensive side of the ball because there’s no expectations for a defense that just fired its coordinator and is allowing 450 yards per game and 320 passing yards per game, both most in the NFL.

Now lets get back to The Cincinnati Bengals being Dunder Mifflin Scranton. 

Marvin Lewis as Michael Scott 

Marvin Lewis has been coaching in Cincinnati for 16 years and has not won a playoff game and has somehow managed to keep his job. Michael Scott did numerous of hilarious things that also should have got him fired but these 2 are able to stand the test of time no matter what they do at their job. 

Hue Jackson as Dwight Schrute 

Hue Jackson is officially now assistant to the regional manager and special assistant to the head coach on defense. I will never not laugh at that coaching title. Hue Jackson will go down as one of the worst coaches of all time just like Dwight’s management run was short lived after shooting a gun in the office. Hue has been an offensive coach his entire life and letting him help on defense will go as well as Dwight doing fire drills. 

Vontaze Burfict as Roy Anderson

This was just too easy. Roy was a dirty player when they played basketball in the warehouse, Vontaze is dirty all the time. Roy got laid out by Dwight when going after Jim, Vontaze got laid out by JuJu. No one likes Roy, no one likes Vontaze.

Andy Dalton as Pam Beesly 

They were both liked at the beginning but turned out to be severely overrated and actually not good. Fucking gingers. You can’t trust them. 

Let me know what other comparisons you have. Comment section is coming but for now just tweet me @digz