Rooting for a college & NFL team is fan suicide

If you have to be a die hard fan of both a college football team AND an NFL team you’re an absolute psycho. I couldn’t even imagine what that would be like. Rooting for one team is hard enough.

Let me get this straight. This is what the average weekend would be like if you have to root for TWO teams? You go out Friday night and get hammered because thats just standard procedure. You then wake up Saturday morning hungover and start drinking again to prepare for your college teams game. You then have to deal with every single emotion known to man in a 3 hour period during the game. Yes I get that not every game is like that but more than enough are. After the game you then drink in celebration or drink to forget. It doesn’t matter which, blackout city is the final destination. Then you’re telling me you have to get up and do that all over again for a game on Sunday? That’s fucking nuts. I would’ve died already if thats something I had to do. Don’t get me wrong, I assume a human who is rooting for only one team still drinks the same amount but those 3 hours during the game take off 3 months of your life every time and having to do that once a week is plenty.

The thing is these people have no idea that what they are doing is insane. That’s just how they were raised, thats who they are, it’s engrained in them. They have no idea how nice it is just to go day drink on a Saturday and only worry about betting and enjoying the games. It’s an absolute incredible feeling. Day drinking on a Saturday and just enjoying the whole college football slate is probably the happiest time of my life. Sure they get a taste of that feeling during bye weeks but it’s just not the same. I salute you insane duel college/NFL fans. You’re a special breed. I hope your teams win in blowouts this week and your heart gets a break.

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