Chuck And Shaq Thursday’s

Finally, Chuck and Shaq grace us with their presence on this wonderful Thursday in America. Celtics blew out the Pacers last night and I’ll probably be letting everyone and their mother know about it this weekend. First, lets get to the winners of the evening.

There are 4 NBA games tonight so we’ll touch them all like it’s baseball. Four bases in baseball, making sure we dot our i’s and cross our t’s. First, we travel to Miami where the Heat host the Celtics. Celtics are -1.5 right now but I expect that spread to increase by two or three points after last nights showing by the Celtics. The Celtics can sometimes go on these runs of dropping points galore so there may be another 130+ point game in the ole Celtics tonight. The Heat are a team who can sneak a game or two but I think the Celtics are realizing it’s time to pick it up and we saw that last night when they destroyed a solid Indiana team. The next game of the night is Clippers @ Nuggets. I like Nuggets -5 cause they are one of, if not, the hardest team to beat at home. Their rap sheet of teams beaten in Denver is crazy so I think they’ll be able to take care of business. If the spread goes to 4, think about taking the over 226. Clippers and Nuggets both can score at will and the last Clippers game was a 130+ point performance. We’ll see what the Doctor is cooking up for the Clippers but I’d trust Jokic and the Nugs to get the job done.

The next game is a possible playoff matchup in May between the Thunder and the Spurs. The game is in San Antonio and the spread is 1.5 in favor of the Thunder. This is probably the toughest game on the board, unsure which team will show up on both sides of the court. Thunder and the Spurs go through spurts of huge overs and huge unders. Out the gate, the money is on the under of 223 but for some reason I like the over tonight. A big man battle like Adams vs Aldridge calls for a plethora of points but see whether or not that line will increase, if it does go up, take the over but for now I’m taking Spurs +1.5. Last one of the night comes from California – Sacramento to be exact. The Pistons are on a back to back and the Kings are one of the best young units in the NBA. De’Aaron Fox has come on as an absolute stud and we’ll see how he holds up against Blake and the boys tonight. Betting on the Kings is one of my new favorite pastimes cause they used to be so pathetic and now it’s exhilarating to slam them. I’m gonna take the over 224 in this one and if Sacramento spread goes up to -6 then I’m hammering that as well. 

For college basketball, I’m taking Cincinnati -6.5 and UCONN -2.5. Schools with a C seem to do well for me so let’s hope that trend stays true. Lost the Auburn/Ole Miss over last night by half a point and if I get another one of those tonight I’ll be taking a hiatus from the college game.

Recap: Celtics -2.5, Nuggets -5, Pistons/Kings over 224, Spurs +1.5, Cincinnati -6.5, UCONN -2.5. Those are the six basketball games we’re rocking tonight and we need it now more than ever. I wish everyone the utmost luck in unearthing your bookie’s bank account. 



Wild Pick Wednesday

Last night was just another 2-3 shit show that nobody wants to be apart of. But whether we do good or terrible the night before, it doesn’t affect the greatness we gamble on tonight. It’s Wednesday so we’re getting wild with a few picks out of left field.

I got a couple wild picks to kick off our Wednesday. Now, I’ve always preached that every bet here is a winner. For wild pick Wednesday, all bets are off and there’s a chance some of these might not be untouchable locks. Don’t worry though, they are. The first official wild pick on this Wednesday comes from the the city of Portland. The Trail Blazers welcome the Bulls from Chicago and I like the Bulls +9.5. The Bulls have gotten a bad rap early but they can score it with some of the best. I like the over but I could see myself getting extra wild on Wednesday and might take the Bulls money line at +350. This second pick isn’t as wild but betting on the Pistons is something that is not advisable this year. I ate my words about the Lakers on Monday but tonight, Blake Griffin returns to Staples Center and puts on a show in his old arena. The Lakers got the big come from behind win so they are probably feeling a little satisfied now. Expect Blake to come in pissed off even if it isn’t against the Clippers. He’s just mad he doesn’t live in LA and the Lakers will have to face the wrath of him tonight. Pistons +1 to go with Bulls +9.5 for a couple WILD picks.

The next game we’re taking has to do with riding that hot hand of Harden. James Harden right now might be the best player in the NBA. I feel like Giannis has been the guy this season and there was a side conversation where everyone agreed it was his year but James Harden just doesn’t give a fuck. Why would he? Guy has been spitting fire all over the place and tonight he really solidifies himself against Giannis and the Bucks. Rockets at home against the Bucks and they are +1.5. Love this cause I know that Harden knows they aren’t the favorites tonight. He’ll take that personally and the Rockets will come out flying. Last wild pick tonight is a team we haven’t taken all year, a clear cut sign that these picks are truly wild. The Brooklyn Nets host the Atlanta Hawks and for the first time we’ll be betting on the Hawks at +9. They had a big game last night and even though there is usually a drop off I think they’ll be able to hang with the Nets. Jarret Allen will probably win Most Improved this year at the NBA awards (huge deal, lol), but Trae Young still has a case for Rookie of the Year if he can turn it on and hit a game winner or two. I didn’t really mean that, Luka will for sure be the ROY but for the case of betting on the Hawks, that’s what I’m going with. 

Recap: Bulls +9.5, Pistons +1, Rockets +1.5, Hawks +9.5. All dogs tonight in a wild NBA slate and for college we’ll go with Kansas -6, Vermont -12.5. Vermont basketball? Must be a Wild Pick Wednesday. Good luck getting that balance looking green.



Fade Connor Season Rolls On

1-2 in three games last night but I can’t be blamed cause everyone has been warned and you should of gone 2-1.

The one game I won was Spurs at home against the worst team in basketball so although it counts, it really doesn’t. The Trail Blazers missed covering by a point so that was the one that really kicked me in the ass. The Raptors really put a number on the Clippers so I think the Clippers will probably end up the 6/7 or 8 seed. It’s a bummer but as long as the Clippers finish in the top 16 then I don’t care, need that first round pick. Also, a note to the media, don’t ask Kawhi Leonard about Christmas.
Not many Happy Holiday’s for someone who doesn’t understand emotion

But that was last night, and unlike Kawhi Leonard, I do have memories. Memories of winning. They are few and far between, but I’m channeling those memories to get the good mojo flowing back through my veins. First and foremost, obvious bet of the night, Celtics -3.5 at the Wizards. Kyrie isn’t on the injury report but who knows if he’s playing. This spread almost feels disrespectful especially with our dominance against Washington over the years and the fact that were steaming hot right now. I would slam this spread now and assume it will be at 5 by the time were close to the game. This has turned into a little rivalry game so hopefully we get some blood too.

On top of the Celtics, were taking two other spreads and one over under tonight. Yes, the over under is an over 230. Thunder @ Pelicans OVER 233 and were going to slam it. AD will come ready to play against big Stevie Adams so expect a war down low. Gonna parlay this one with the Celtics spread cause I feel great about those, probably want to hit the opposite if I feel great about them. 76ers are at home against the Brooklyn Nets. The Sixers, like the Celtics, are just now hitting there stride and I think it continues tonight. Love 76ers -6.5, if were talking units out of 5, I’m throwing 3. Lastly, the Pistons @ Hornets game is one I like too many things in. Over 218.5 in the game I’m taking, and I like the Pistons +5. Pistons off a loss and the way these teams matchup – Charlotte heavy backcourt, Pistons heavy front court, – both teams should be scoring at will. No shot the Pistons lose by more than 5 and because I said that, don’t be surprised to see the Pistons get blown out. 

Celtics -3.5, Thunder/Pelicans over 233, 76ers -6.5 and last second bonus over 223 in this game, Pistons +5 and over 218.5 in Pistons Charlotte. Good luck to everyone and may the fade season last forever.

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Tuesday Night Basketball Overshadowed by Zion

From a Holiday tournament in 2016…dudes a junior in High School

Last night was a little better than Monday from a bank account perspective. We’ll get to the NBA and the 230 over were taking tonight but first we gotta talk about college basketball and the future of the pro game: Zion Williamson.

Look at this absolute MAN playing against the boys of Kentucky. The dude is 6’7 280 and can shoot the ball from three and bully you down low. I really don’t remember the last time there was a player like this in college basketball. Skill set wise absolutely, but more the following that this kid has had. I’m pretty sure I’ve been watching clips of Zion playing basketball since he was a sophmore in high school. The team they got over in Durham has the sense of an Alabama football team. They looked absolutely unstoppable in all phases of the game. Rj Barret and Cam Reddish are the two other top 3 freshman recruits in their class, so you understand how those two and Zion combined to score 84 points, tying the total points Kentucky had as a whole team (118-84).
Every team who’s asked if they want to play Duke

I’ve never been one to follow college basketball due to the fact I’ve never really had a pony in the race. However, I think its impossible not to tune into every Duke game this year to watch Zion Williamson eat children. I can’t wait to see what fool goes up to challenge him at the rim and for Zion to end his basketball career. If I’m an NBA owner, I would already start thinking about the full tank in order to get Zion. He’s a lock for the first pick and the possibility of Zion going to Cleveland with Lebron going back is all too real.
I’m not scared…you’re scared

Speaking of the NBA, last night I had the ole 2 and 2 split (including the Duke game). The Trail Blazers/Bucks game started strong and the over looked good until we got into the third quarter and my hopes and dreams were crushed cause Giannis stopped dunking. That game wasn’t over 230, but the Hawks Hornets game was and they weren’t even close. That one finished 16 points below the 230.5 mark but both of those were offset with the Mavericks and Duke absolutely steam rolling their opponents. Luka Doncic has been getting rebounds stolen left and right, but that doesn’t stop him from throwing in 20 and grabbing 7 boards every game. He’s only 19 too so with this crop of talent at Duke alone, the NBA (and overs of 230) has a great future.

Tonight we’re going with Raptors/Kings over 232.5,  Thunder -6 at Cleveland, and for the first time in the year, were going to take an under. That’s right, were going under with the Pistons/Magic at 209.5. I hate taking under’s more than I hate betting on the Lakers, but were doing it. If Aaron Gordon can slow down Blake Griffin than that under will be just fine. Same way I need Kawhi Leonard to let De’Aron Fox and the boys try to catch up to the steam rolling Raptors so we can keep those overs high at 230. If Cleveland wins then I’m probably out on the Thunder for the rest of the year. I know Westbrook isn’t playing but the Cavs don’t even have a coach so I think Schroder and PG13 will be able to carry them past the worst team in the league. Let’s make some magic happen and have a good Wednesday. 

230 o/u’s this year:  1-1


Monday Night Basketball Is Always A Toss Up

Last night, I was cuckolded by the NBA worse than Cal Weaver.

I had the Pistons -3.5 and they decide to comeback at the end of the game only to lose by 5 in overtime. I understand this happens to people all the time but the real pain comes in the five point loss. If the Pistons lost by five, then they easily could have won by five and covered but Blake Griffin fouled out so this one was in a body bag far before overtime.

This is why I hate gambling right here. I had the Magic -4 and Evan Fournier has the audacity to take a game winning shot? Doesn’t he know the spread is at 4 and I need them to win by 5? Apparently not because this fucking guy hits a game winner and my hopes and dreams of a positive  Monday night were shattered with it. May have to go moneyline when were rolling with the Magic from here on out. If Mo Bamba was on the court, I guarantee he would of made sure the Magic went to overtime to help me out. Such a great guy Mo Bamba.

Naturally I bet the Celtics on a pick em line and the NBA figured out a way to cuckold me with Jamal Murray. The guy goes for 48, the second most points vs the Celtics in the last two seasons, and they win. The other three guys on the list, Steph Curry (1) Lebron James (3) and Anthony Davis (4) so it was a decent game for him. I’m not worried about the Celtics at all, but back to back road losses to start a pretty hefty road trip is never great. Expect a big bounce back from the boys in green next game. At the end of the game, Jamal Murray took a three point shot as time expired to try and get the elusive 50 point game but missed. Kyrie took the liberty of shot putting the ball to the edge of the lower section. Not much to this, Murray said after he shouldn’t have done it, but honestly, I don’t have as big of a problem with it. Young dude just had the game of his life against the Celtics so naturally he’s going to try and get 50. The response form Kyrie is perfect, but can’t hate on anyone going for the 50 bird. I would’ve followed my shot and tried to get the rebound put back too.
Me when the Pelicans vs Thunder went over

Last night was the beginning of the “Over 230 Theory.” The Pelicans were at the Thunder and Russel Westbrook got hurt in the second half. You can understand my nerves when the game was only at 190 with ten minutes to go and no Russel Westbrook on the court. However, with a couple late three and the Pelicans still fouling, over 234 in this game became a reality. Thank the sweet lord of gambling but more importantly the NBA for rigging games with any over set above 230 (at least last night).

Yeah, I went 1-3 last night, sue me. First night is always the toughest so at this rate I’ll probably only lose most of my money, not all. Let’s get back in the win column tonight and go with Hawks/Hornets over 230, Trail Blazers/Bucks over 228.5, and the Mavs +1.5 at home vs the Wizards. If you’re thinking otherwise, fade the hell out of me and win some cash. I still take credit for your success. 

*Duke +1.5 against Kentucky, might as well get the college ball blood flowing too. 

Basketball Is Back And Gambling On It Will Ruin My Life, Again

Every year November comes around and every year we get in a hole. This year we turn it around by taking every over that’s set past 230.
Defense in the NBA

Today marks my first day of basketball betting this year which happens to be the same day that will mark the depletion of my bank account. In the past, I’ve tried to strictly bet the Celtics, Rockets, and Spurs at home, but this has led me to numerous calls to banks for loans. This year, I’m going with a different strategy: OVER. This NBA is high scoring, low defense, and the “lets see what cool move you can do then score” type NBA now. I don’t hate it as much as I hate flopping but when you have Marcus Smart on your team you gotta keep your mouth shut on that subject.

Tonight, I have four games that were going to test the luck on. First, I got the Detroit Pistons (-3.5) at home against the Miami Heat. Honestly, I think the Heat have sucked since Lebron left but I have yet to watch one of their games since then so who knows. I do think Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond are one of the better Center/Power Forward combos in the NBA, especially when Blake is bringing the ball up and dunking on Embiid. That plus the reigning coach of the year Dwayne Casey makes for a 4 point cover in Detroit tonight. 

Similar to the Heat, the Cav’s are now the biggest train wreck in the NBA since Lebron left. I think Colin Sexton is pretty legit, but he’s only a rookie and isn’t going to make or break Cleveland this year. That’s why, were taking the Orlando Magic (-4) tonight. Is this because of Mo Bamba? 1000% yes, but without Kevin Love the Cav’s are just a bunch of the guys Lebron took off the Lakers so he could head over to LA. I think the Magic at home after a big road win in San Antonio will push them to at least a 5 point victory.

The Pelicans and the Thunder is the over game for this evening as it sits at a cool 234. The over 230 test begins tonight and I’m going to be honest, I feel terrible about it. We’ll see how the game goes, especially with Anthony Davis back after his early injury, but who knows how this game will go. All I need is Westbrook to be sprinting up and down the court dishing three ball assists like its nobodies business. Either way, I’m covering it with Celtics money line (obviously) against the Nuggets. No matter what, I’m going to take the Celtics most nights, but the Celtics against teams with great big men typically have trouble with the big man from down under, Aaron Baynes. Baynes is now the guy who shoots three’s and you scream ‘no’ unless he hits it. I’ll never like an Aaron Bayanes three as long as their are other players on the court with him. We’ll see what tricks he has up his sleeve for Jokic.

Those are my picks to start off the NBA gambling season, lets make some money. Pistons -3.5 , Celtics ML , Thunder/Pelicans o234 , Magic -4.