PMS 2.0 018 – Wild Time To Be Alive.. ESPN Put Me On TV

On today’s show, Pat breaks down his trip to Bristol and the ESPN campus and his gig on Get Up, and what he thought of the whole process, and discusses some of the different locations he checked out while in New York. The guys also chat about Logan Paul potentially fighting in the UFC, Whitey Bulger being killed in prison, all the political ads that have been running the last few months, and take a hard look at what board game Pat could potentially be playing tomorrow for his mybookie challenge. Also included is a conversation about Reese’s setting up a trade-in machine for bad candy, and the guys do a deep dive into everything that happened up through the NFL trade deadline and what the impact has on all the teams involved. It’s a good one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

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Halloween Candy Kings Stay Kings

On today’s episode of Heartland Radio we had a riveting debate about the best and worst Halloween candy. My opinion was clearly the right one when I stated Reese’s was king and this stunt only reinforces my stance.¬†

What a flex… Trade all those piles of shit candy you’re just going to toss in the trash anyways for that sweet chocolate and peanut butter gold? YES PLEASE. The only question I have here is what is the conversion rate? How many baggies of that crusty bland candle wax candy corn do I need to drive over and dumptruck into this machine to get 1 Reese’s pumpkin.

“Take all these stale popcorn balls, here is a butterscotch hard candy someone’s grandma gave me, oh and here take this vile concoction of Satan bag of black licorice… What does that get me? 2 Reese’s Pieces? DEAL, SOLD,¬†HALLELUJAH!!

What’s your go to Halloween Candy and is there anything you wouldn’t trade for a Reese’s cup?

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Heartland Radio 2.0 Ep. 16 – Happy Halloween

On today’s show, the guys are in the Halloween spirit as they discuss Shaun White coming under fire for dressing as Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder, an Alabama woman having to have an emergency dental visit after getting her plastic vampire teeth infused into her real teeth, and break down MIT’s new experiment that allows people to control another person’s actions. They also break some more news from history live from the Salem Witch Trials, play fact or fiction, answer some listener questions, give some vitamin thoughts, and have an in depth discussion about their favorite and least favorite Halloween candies. It’s a great time, come join us, and have a safe Halloween.

This episode features @toddmccomas, @Digz, @nickmaraldo, @tyschmit, @BostonConnr, @VivalaZito, @evanfoxy, and @baileymccomas

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