Top 5 Canadian Foods You Need To Try

After listening to the ketchup chip debate on Heartland Radio 2.0 I decided this is a blog that needed to be done and needed to be done ASAP. So without further adieu lets get into the top 5 treats north of the border.

Number 5: We will start with all dressed and ketchup chips, these are both very tasty, ketchup are great but all dressed are definitely in my top 5 potato chips available.

Number 4: We have the Coffee Crisp chocolate bar, layers of vanilla wafer, foamed coffee candy and covered with milk chocolate. Its one of the favourite halloween chocolate bars here and was introduced in Canada in the 1930’s.

Number 3: Another tasty canadian treat is the Beavertail. Its a slab of deep fried dough, covered in a variety of toppings such as Reese’s Pieces, Nutella, peanut butter and more.

Number 2: The Caesar, now they have started to get these in the States lately but most places you go they still have bloody mary’s. Its our national cocktail, made of vodka, clamato juice, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. Its perfect for a hangover or to get the day started at a nice brunch.

Number 1: Now you can debate what are in my top 5 up until now, yours could be completely different. But there will be absolutely NO debate on what number one is. The poutine, its crispy fries, squeaky cheese curds and gravy. The classic version is great on its own but you can now get it with all sorts of different toppings such as pulled pork, bacon or smoked meat. Glad i could share some canadian culture with y’all. Lets have a Wednesday everybody.

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The Fading Canadian Dollar

Our dollar is fading and fading fast. Close to 74 cents this morning to the american dollar. Their saying that its only going to continue to drop more and more with possibilities of it going as low as 70 cents.

With oil prices dropping you would think we would have the luxury of cheap gas as well, guess again still at 1.28 a litre. When compared to what you guys are paying in the States that is 3.40 a gallon and don’t even get me started on chew thank god for black buffalo or I’d be broke.

The low dollar does have its one plus side for me though so i shouldn’t complain too much. With our dollar being so low it definitely keeps the Shipyard busier. When American Ships can be done by us while their dollar is worth 1.25 to our 1.00 that is the one good thing for me. As Canadians we will continue to get rinsed on everything and not make much of a stink about it because that would just be ya know mean, and thats not us.

Hopefully eventually it will start to head in the other direction but for now its not looking too promising. Good to be back blogging and sharing my thoughts with y’all.

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NHL Weekly Things to Think About

Weekly ramblings, musings, and thoughts to ponder about every team in the league.

In case you’ve been too caught up in CFB, NFL, NBA, CBB, and everything else going on in the sports world to realize that we already 1/3rd of the way through the NHL season I’m here to help you get caught up to speed. Let’s roll through each team and see what’s happening. In case you missed last week’s as the site wasn’t quite live yet check it here.

Let’s get into it…

Anaheim Ducks – I don’t think anyone saw the Pacific division as anything other than the Sharks playground after the Erik Karlsson addition but the Ducks and Flames have been standing tall. Anaheim is 8-2 in their last 10 and they have Daniel Sprong doing things like this


Arizona Coyotes – Anti Raanta  is out for possibly the entire season after having “lower body surgery” which revealed more damage than initially thought. Lower body surgery is tough folks, it’s impossible to predict because it’s essentially 50% of your body, extremely hard to estimate damage and accurately diagnose such a broad area. Good news for the Coyotes is they seem to have found a gem in Rookie Adin Hill. The former 3rd rounder is 6 foot freaking 6 and he’s gone 3-2-0 with a 1.82 GAA and .936 save percentage.

Lower Body surgery can be complicated and confusing. Here’s a tool to help.

Boston Bruins – Big weekend for the B’s as they find themselves in the middle of one of the more surprisingly stacked divisions and snatched up two divisional game wins pounding Toronto 6-1 and edging out Ottawa 2-1. May not seem like much but they need every point they can get until their injury bug subsides. There’s also a rumor floating around the internets of trying to bring Lucic back? Don’t do that. Play the kids!
Krug OT winner against Ottawa

Buffalo Sabres – Things were looking up! Finally the Sabres were getting some recognition and putting the league on notice! Jeff Skinner has 20 goals! What!? No seriously I know it’s insane look it up…. Then… 0-3-2 in their last 5. Carter Hutton was on the ice this morning and his return should help sure some things up.

Calgary Flames – Sean Monohan is a top 10 point getter and the Flames are currently 1st in the entire Western Conference after spanking Nashville 5-2. We’re about 1/3rd of the way through the season and the Flames are proving a lot of doubters wrong looking like a playoff team. I don’t think they hold onto the top spot in the division but at the least have wild card potential. All of this meanwhile with James Neal only having 3 goals and 6 points on the year. Wow.

Carolina Hurricanes – The Canes are getting in the Xmas spirit rocking the red and green breaking in those Whaler throwbacks.

They’ll be sporting these on the 23rd and some folks are none too pleased. I understand people are still a bit sour about the way the team left Hartford but this is most definitely a tribute and as an innocent bystander I think it presents a cool chance to watch some hockey history, it’s not like Justin Williams is some Buffalo Bill copycat skinning corpses creating some ungodly hockey monstrosity. (Also it’s definitely a money grab, a smart one… These are sick sweaters).

Chicago Blackhawks – Turns out firing coach Q has created more problems than solutions. The Hawks are 1-9 in their last 10 games and at the bottom of the Western Conference. What happens first? Coach Q gets a new gig or GM Stan Bowman gets the axe?

Colorado Avalanche – *Checks the points leaderboard* – Yep Rantanen and McKinnon are both going to score over 100 points. It’s funny most people still don’t know what a beast Rantanen is or how far we’ve come with the offensive explosion… This was what we were dealing with in 2015!

Columbus Blue Jackets – Time to stop sleeping on Cam Atkinson… DYK Since the start of the 2015-16 season, he’s 13th in the league with 105 goals. More than Connor McDavid, Nathan McKinnon, Taylor Hall, Phil Kessel… That’s a fun fact from Aaron Portzline but it’s impressive for sure. Put some respek on his name

Dallas Stars – Martin Hanzal hasn’t played since last February. He is a 6’6 12 year NHL vet who just came back from spinal fusion surgery, let’s see how he fared in his two games back…

Yup seems to be holding up fine


Detroit Red Wings – This saucy paws pass to Larkin to seal the game is so damn beautiful…

Also why is Dylan Larkin fighting Josh Bailey?

Edmonton Oilers – ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!? 13 points (4-9) in nine games for No. 97 since Hitchcock took over. Oilers 7-2-1 under Hitch.

Florida Panthers – Things aren’t… great…

Still not dead last though!

Los Angeles Kings – Also not dead last after the Hawks recent slide. I reiterate as I said last week BLOW IT UP! It’s time the Kings tear it down and rebuild. Move pieces while there’s still time to get premium value.

Minnesota Wild – Last week I wrote “The Wild have two of the top 10 scoring D men in terms of points in the entire league (Ryan Suter, Matt Dumba) Only 1 fwd in the top 50 (Granlund). Seems problematic.” – Still problematic, Granlund is hanging on there, but barely. He’s 48th. Minny needs some big time production.

Montreal Canadiens – How long can this team hold a playoff spot? Their PP is damn near dead last, their PK is 18th. They don’t score a ton or defend particularly well. Carey Price hasn’t exactly been shutdown this year, yet they continue to win. The Max Domi revenge tour continues though, 31 points in 30 games.

Nashville Predators – I mean I understand EVERYONE loves the city of Nashville, myself included I spent a month there one weekend, but these guys need to get over the home cooking and figure it out when they’re on the road. For a team this good they have lost their last 6 away games. 

New Jersey Devils – Still last in the East, but the Flyers are making a case they deserve it more! Also this is just strange:

New York Islanders – According to multiple sources, the Islanders have been engaged in contract negotiations with Anders Lee and his agent on a long-term extension in the six-to-seven year range. They can’t afford to let their leading goal scorer leave after the Tavares decision. Have to wonder if he was thinking about 7 mil a year here when he had his head down and got KRONWALLED

New York Rangers – Rangers have some decisions to make. It seems they’re very likely going to move on and trade Zuccarello at some point this season, but what about Kevin Hayes? He’s on pace for what could be a career year in points… Do you sign or trade him?

Ottawa Senators – Look out league!

Philadelphia Flyers – Much like the Hawks, it seems like they fired the wrong guy. Dave Hakstol’s clock is ticking but the Philly faithful are are fed up and one of them hucked a Hextall jersey on the ice after a 7-1 loss to the Jets. We’re getting close on the Philly DoomsDay Emergency Scale, first it’s beers, then it’s jerseys, then batteries are next, and eventually human heads.

Pittsburgh Penguins – Just when you think this team is starting to turn a corner putting up 6 goals in back to back games, beating the Islanders in an important division game, they lose to Ottawa in OT. When will we see Matt Murray back in the net and will it be the good or the bad version? 

Also in the least surprising news ever, Kris Letang is a big brooklyn guy over playing at Nassau. How’s he supposed to flaunt those dashing good looks and incredible flow in the city when he’s stuck at that trash heap on the Island. 

San Jose Sharks – Kinda concerning for SJ fans that Erik Karlsson and Joe Pavelski are this far in and still not signed huh? They are awfully tight against the cap so it’s kind of a waiting game. I assume this would be the last year of Jumbo in San Jose and they would flip his money to little Joe P’s if they choose to have him stick around.

St Louis Blues – Let’s see how the players are handling the stress of a losing year in St. Louis…

Oh good (Also the Owner was attending practice… Yikes)

Tampa Bay Lightning – When is Vasilevsky coming back? Oh he’s practicing this week? Oh it doesn’t matter? Ok, cool. Louis Domingue went 3-0-0 with a 1.33 goals-against average and .957 save percentage, giving the Bolts their sixth straight win overall and a six-point lead atop the NHL standings.

Toronto Maple Leafs – Get ready for a yard sale this offseason you guys. It could easily cost $22 million to re-sign Matthews and Marner, crushing the Leafs’ cap space with to over $78 million tied up in just 14 players. They’d probably love to keep Jake Gardiner, but is there room?

Vancouver Canucks – Elias Petterson is continuing the trend of tremendous Swede’s in Vancouver. He has 30 points for his career already which puts him at 6th on a list of rookies with mesmerizing starts over the last 30 NHL seasons

The Youth movement is on in Vancouver and is paying off…

Vegas Golden Knights – Before the season started VGK and William Karlsson avoided arbitration with a $5.25 million 1 year deal. The ultimate show me deal. Karlsson scored 43 goals last year after never scoring more than 9 in the season. Vegas was hesitant to commit big money long term and rightfully so. So where does he stand this offseason? He’s got 10 goals this year and is on pace for 25ish. He’s 25 years old, 5 years x 6 million per sounds about right.

Also MAF own’d Kuznetsov

Washington Capitals – After struggling early the Caps are back on top of the Metro division. I don’t expect them to ease up either and will take the Metro title for another year. This Kuzy goal is straight filthy. I’ve seen him try this against the Pens more than a few times

Winnipeg Jets – After dummying the Flyers, the Jets had to feel even better than usual after a big win when 7! different players scored in the game. Who said this after the game “Honestly, that was pretty ugly from our group…” Go ahead take a guess… Got it? No not a Flyer offering up some accountability, It was a Jet! Tyler Meyers actually, just straight savage on the winning side of a 7-1 ass beating and speaking some hard truth.

Here’s all 7 goals for your viewing pleasure:

Until next week…

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The Gift Of Chad Kroeger

Now this isn’t a new story, but I’m sure its one you’ve never heard before. In 2016 a Canadian police force threatened drunk drivers with a cruel and unusual punishment. Yes on top of the thousands of dollars and never being able to travel to the States again, you would then be forced to listen to Nickelback. After “being down to the bottom of every bottle” then getting behind the wheel, things would get even lower, by having to listen to some Chad.

The mounties were quoted as saying “We figure if your foolish enough to get behind the wheel after drinking then a little Chad Kroeger and the boys is a perfect gift for you”. It was not just one song either it was a whole album. Forty beautiful minutes of this great canadian band.

In true canadian fashion though once word got out about this their was a deeply heartfelt SORRRYYYY. The police force issued apologies to everyone in the band personally. Going on to say that they felt like bullies and couldn’t believe they treated fellow canadians this way.

CANADA gotta love it!!



My Canadian Hero??

Growing up in Canada, as far as Olympic track stars went, most will think of Donovan Bailey. Who won the 100 metre and 4×100 metre in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. For me growing up as a WWE fan it was somebody else, Ben Johnson. Canadians will tell you everybody was juicing and that Carl Lewis in fact tested positive before the 1988 Olympics. The rest of the world will tell you Ben Johnson was nothing but a cheater. I still watch the race from time to time, the man looks like he was shot out of a cannon and the race was over after 15 metres. His gold rope chain sitting on a massive set of traps, some say it might of been obvious. There is way more to the story though, once again us Canadian being far too nice hurt us. They never requested to see the test results or any other evidence, just went on their word that Johnson had in fact “pissed hot”. Johnson to this day has never denied being a steroid user. But he remains adamant to this day the steroids should of been cleared by the olympics came around. Johnson tested positive for stanozolol which he never denied using, but the oxandrolone that was eventually scratched on the report when they finally saw it some 30 years later, he found as a shock. Six of the eight in the 1988 100 metre race either tested positive or were implicated in a drug scandal in their careers. Positive or not, Ben Johnson will always be a hero of mine and i will continue to watch that race again and again, because it sill blows my mind how fast he came out of the blocks that day. If ya aint cheating ya aint trying I guess.


Ottawa Senators Players Caught Laughing About Terrible Coaches, Season, and Team

The Ottawa Senators are a “Team.” Those were the inspiring words of optimism leaped upon them by their GM to begin this upcoming season. One in which everyone knew they would be trapped near the bottom of the league. They’re a small market team, with an owner who sets an internal budget, in need of a new arena, and fresh off of a roster tear down for a rebuild. 

Sens GM Peirre Dorion at the beginning of the season. Yikes. 

At least they were. I’m not so sure you can even call them a team anymore in the figurative sense. The Sens were off to a slow start at 5-6-3. They’re currently dead last in the league in goals against at 59, second to last in Penalty Killing, bottom of the league in shots against and shots for.

During a recent west coast swing to Phoenix a few players (Thomas Chabot, Dylan DeMelo, Matt Duchene, Alex Formenton, Chris Tierney, Chris Wideman, and Colin White) took an Uber ride and were unknowingly recorded by the driver. That tape made its way to the internet as most do and here it is courtesy of the Ottawa Citizen.

YIKES… Where do we start? First of all let’s get this out of the way. Recording these guys who thought they were having a private conversation venting about a frustrating season in a highly competitive and scrutinized profession is a real low life bottom feeding trash bag move. I refuse to pile on the players too much here because Ottawa has a reputation of being a joke of an organization as is, so to be honest not much of what they’re saying surprised me. However I will have a word of advice for them and you as well later in this. 

What was said:

“Marty Raymond, the only coach in NHL history to have the worst power-play and the worst PK within a calendar year” – Matt DucheneMary Raymond is the assistant coach who runs the PK/PP and video for the team.

“Do you notice that when (Raymond) runs the video, if you actually do pay attention, he doesn’t ever teach you anything? He just commentates what’s happening.” – Chris Wideman

“Here’s the other thing, too. We don’t change anything, ever. So why do we even have a meeting? I haven’t paid attention in three weeks.” – Matt DucheneHere’s the problem for Duchene, this is a legitimate coaching criticism, HOWEVA, he has a history of being viewed as a cancerous locker room presence from his days in Colorado. This is not going to do him any favors from GM’s and Coach’s POV going forward.

There’s a bit more you can watch and digest for yourself, mostly a lot of laughing, joking, and woe is me sentiment you may expect from players on a bad team. 

The team put out a joint issued statement with the players:

“We want to apologize publicly to Marty Raymond, our teammates and coaches for our comments in Phoenix Arizona on October 29. Our private conversation was recorded without our knowledge or consent. We’re passionate about our team, and focusing on growing together. We are grateful for the support of our fans and organization. This is an important learning experience, and we will do better.”

As I said above recording these guys without them knowing is a real piece of shit move. The problem is the concept of privacy in today’s society (especially for a professional athlete) is essentially dead. This is something I learned first hand from working with Pat. I used to think he was just being paranoid when we would go out (He rarely goes out anymore in Indianapolis). But as the years went on and his notoriety grew I began to notice things. People pulling out their phones and recording or taking pictures of anything and everything he did. He often tells the story of a guy recording a video of him pissing at a urinal, as if he is some rare breed of human that doesn’t piss. I can assure he pisses, a lot (it might be excellence tho). 

When I moved to Indy and took this job with Pat, he taught me a personal philosophy of his that I first didn’t think much of at first, but now try and apply. He lives his life as if every moment and every conversation is being recorded. Now he has always, from the day I met him, lived his life as if it was the Truman Show. I used to think it was for pure entertainment, but I learned it’s that and more. It’s him being ahead of the curve and anticipating this current societal fascination with knowing everything about someone and in some cases doing whatever it takes to find and showcase these private moments.

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