PMS 2.0 037 – The Ungettable Interview, T.Y. Hilton, & AQ Shipley

On today’s show, Pat heads to the Indianapolis Colts’ Complex for a couple of incredible interviews before this weekend’s game against the Chiefs. First, newly minted All-Pro offensive lineman, the 6th overall pick, and one of the most dominant players in football right now, Quenton Nelson joins the show for an exclusive interview. Next, 4X Pro Bowler, one of the best WR’s in the NFL, friend of the show, T.Y. Hilton, joins Pat to talk about the entire clown mask situation with Jonathan Joseph and how he thinks the team performed against the Texans. They also look ahead to the Chiefs game, and chat a little about his relationship with Frank Reich and Andrew Luck, and shoot some craps (12:04-25:59). The guys also cover everything around the NFL as they look ahead to this weekend’s playoff games, recap the National Championship game, and welcome in AQ Shipley to chat about Bruce Arians heading to Tampa Bay and some thoughts on his new Head Coach, Kliff Kingsbury (53:19-1:04:57). Pat and the guys also get into a couple deep science issues including the discovery of the plague in Wyoming, Todd has a theory for why the water levels are rising, and they dive back into the oceans vs. space argument. They also chat a little bit about Mason Ramsey, discuss what’s going on in the weight loss competition and how miserable everyone feels, and end the show by having another huge giveaway. It’s a good one, come and laugh with us. Cheers.

Packers LB Coach Winston Moss Takes A Backhanded Shot At Rodgers.. Promptly Gets Fired

BOOM. FIRED. What an idiot. Winston Moss was a Mike McCarthy disciple, so it’s no surprise that his ass is getting sent out the door right behind McCarthy. I understand wanting to stand up for your guy, but christ he sounds like a moron. Rodgers has acknowledged that he needs to be better, and that he actually wants to be coached. Saying you need to find “someone who is going to hold #12 and everyone else in the building to the ‘Lombardi Standard,’ is essentially just taking a shot at McCarthy. Wasn’t part of his fucking job as a Head Coach in the NFL to hold players–even Rodgers– accountable? After all, it’s hard to hold players accountable when you can’t even hold yourself accountable for the terrible decisions you make, but we’re not going to rehash that.

I just never understand this type of stuff. From the outside looking in, the Packers linebackers, with the exception of a bright spot here and there, weren’t great this year. So I don’t where Winston Moss gets off throwing shade at management, and especially Rodgers. I’ll beat this drum until I’m dead.. if the Packers didn’t have Aaron Rodgers, they would be one of the three or four worst teams in the NFL. The guy is the straw that stirs the drink. Period.

Pretty decent stats for arguably one of the “worst” years of his career, but I’m not a huge analytics guy, nor am I a statistician.

Good start to the eventual regime change, though. I felt like I had my throat ripped out yesterday when Bruce Arians said he wasn’t interested in the Packers job. Pretty much the only guy I wanted to see come to Green Bay. But it isn’t happening. So hopefully they continue to keep vetting candidates, and get rid of every Mike McCarthy disciple in the process. New coaches, new culture.. let’s get it done.

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Who Are The Top Choices To Be The Next Head Coach Of The Green Bay Packers?

Interesting couple of choices here for the Packers Head Coaching vacancy. Granted, when it comes to stuff like this, no one outside of that building knows what the hell is going on. I for one, would be shocked if the Packers hired a current college coach. Just can’t see it happening. There was a lot of talk about Kliff Kingsbury, but today it was confirmed he’s heading to USC to take their OC job.

Pat Fitzgerald kind of came out of nowhere, I assume someone more intimate with the situation knows a lot more than I do, but that’s another one that just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. Jumping from Northwestern to the Packers is a pretty fucking massive jump.

One name absent from this list, and a guy who I would personally love to see Aaron Rodgers under the tutelage of, and who every other Packer fan should be salivating at the thought of landing in Green Bay:

It almost makes too much sense. Offensive genius who has worked with some of the most elite quarterbacks in the NFL, guy who is intense in right ways and won’t lose the locker room, a players coach who isn’t going to get his ass mowed down by anyone, a guy who was gritty enough to drink paint and have his stomach pumped growing up, he’s got all the prerequisites I’m looking for when it comes to a leader of men. We’ve talked about it on for a couple weeks now, I don’t think BA is happy doing games in the booth anymore. He lives, eats, and breathes football, and I think he needs to get back into a football building as soon as possible. Josh McDaniels is a snake, and I just don’t really want him in Green Bay. Not to mention he was absolute dog shit when he was in Denver. Doing a little one-two on the Colts this last offseason was all I needed to see. Leave him in New England.

Actually there we go, I just talked myself into it, and I don’t want anyone else. Give me a guy who’s going to motherfuck zebras and wear a Kangol hat on the sidelines. He is officially the only option moving forward. It’s BA or bust, folks.

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The Packers Finally Did It.. They Whacked Mike McCarthy

Well Pat, I feel pretty fucking great. I’ve wanted the Packers to fire Mike McCarthy for at least the last 5 years. In my opinion, no other coach in the last 20+ years has done less with more. Aaron Rodgers has covered so many of his deficiencies during their time together that it makes my brain want to explode just thinking about it. Rodgers hasn’t been great this year. His statistics wouldn’t necessarily say so, but he has routinely missed several throws this year that he never does. I’ve been saying it for weeks now on The Pat McAfee Show 2.0 (which you can listen to here), I think Rodgers has purposefully been tanking to ensure that the Packers took McCarthy out behind the woodshed and put him down. Hear me out. Rodgers just turned 35, and has maybe another 5 elite years left in him before his skillset starts to diminish a little bit. This season is lost, it was officially done for last week. The Packers have looked like shit for the past several weeks, but anyone who is a Packers fan understands they don’t typically make these types of decisions until the end of the season. What better way than by intentionally losing to a piss poor 2-8 Arizona Cardinals team in December, at Lambeau. That would undoubtedly put the final nail in Mike McCarthy’s cheese curd and bratwurst filled coffin.

Now listen, I could go on and on about McCarthy’s weight and shovel 500 more pounds of shit onto his lifeless body, but I’m not going to do that. We’ve got bigger fish to fry. Namely who the next football coach is going to be. Some are saying Josh McDaniels, some are saying Bruce Arians. Both of these choices would make me ecstatic, but I’m not going to get ahead of myself. As long as the next hire doesn’t come from within the building, I’m good. Still need to drain the swamp. Get rid of Pettine, get rid of Zook, don’t hire Philbin when the season is over. You need to make sure that the next 5 years of Rodgers’ career are his best yet.

As for McCarthy.. good riddance. It makes it that much sweeter knowing he didn’t see it coming.

What a jackass. Literally the only guy within 2,000 miles who couldn’t see it coming, and that has been the problem. The guy was just so fucking ignorant. Of course now you’ll hear all the stories about how great of a guy he was behind closed doors and off the record, and that’s fine. But he lost the locker room years ago, and thus, lost Rome. But before you go, here’s a little Christmas gift for you, Mike.

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Bruce Arians And Chuck Pagano To The Browns?

I’m a Colts fan but when Peyton Manning went to Denver, I also became a Broncos fan until the day he left.  I loved that dude, so my fandom would follow him wherever he played.  The same principle applies here.  If these two guys pair back up to coach the Browns…I’m all in!

Bruce Arians provided color commentary for CBS in the Chiefs win over the Browns last Sunday.  During a break Arians was asked by the Canton Repository if he would consider being a head coach again.  His response was “Cleveland is the only job I would consider.”  Then he went on to say that if he got that job, Chuck Pagano would be his choice for Defensive Coordinator.  Holy Shit!!!  Is this possible?!

I have to think as soon as GM John Dorsey read this, phone calls were made.  Colts fans loved these guys when they were together here.  I think the only problem was, most of us would’ve preferred Arians as the head coach and Pagano as defensive coordinator.  In 2012, this duo led the Colts, who were 2-14 the year before, to a record of 11-5.  That’s the year Pagano was battling Leukemia and had to turn the reins over to Arians in week 5.  We were 2-2 at that point and under Arians, went 9-3.  Many of us think Chuck Pagano was a bit conservative and that Arians’ “let it eat” attitude better suited an offense led by Andrew Luck.

The Ravens defense was 3rd overall when Pagano was there and after the Colts fired him, it looked like the Ravens were very interested in bringing Pagano back.

Obviously, he didn’t become the defensive coordinator for the Ravens.  I couldn’t find a report that explained why.  Maybe it’s because the Colts’ defense finished 30th in the last two years that Pagano was head coach.  But the Ravens knew that before they reached out to him so I’m going to put my detective hat back on say it’s more likely that he told them he wasn’t interested.  If that’s the case, it’s possible he just wasn’t ready to jump back in the game yet and wanted to take some time off to spend with his family.

But what if he and Bruce Arians, who had just retired as head coach of the Cardinals, met for drinks and discussed what the future would hold for each of them?  Neither of these guys are starving, so if they wanted to return to coaching they could each afford to wait for the right opportunity to come along.  Even a schmuck like me was aware that if Cleveland didn’t turn things around this year, Hue Jackson was getting the boot.  So, let’s assume both these former head coaches were aware of that as well.  

So, when you add that to the fact that Bruce Arians just announced his desire to take over as head coach at Cleveland and to bring Pagano with him…it’s not unreasonable to assume that he had communicated that information to Pagano before he leaked it to the press.  

Now, Hue Jackson is gone and the Browns will have to make a decision for next year.  If they decide to go with an experienced head coach that has a proven track record and a talent for getting the most out of a quarterbacks that are #1 draft picks…I’d say Bruce Arians and Chuck Pagano are in a pretty good spot.