12 Days Till Super Bowl What Else To Do But Gamble

The stage is set its the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots. I came away up a bit last weekend but it would of been a lot more if the Chiefs pulled it out against the Pats.


The more i watch this play the more i wonder about what should or shouldn’t of been called but i should know better than to beat against the Patriots at this point. Mybookie has all sorts of things to gamble on for the Super Bowl so for the next twelve days well have something to do until the big game. Ill give you some of the bets that I’m looking at and ill finish this off with my new favourite I’ve found on betmybookie the 13 point teaser thanks to Nick Maraldo. 


Im gonna do the same as i did and just sprinkle a little bit everywhere for some quality entertainment. I’m going with over 3.5 on total field goals after watching Legatron for the Rams hit bombs on Sunday he could hit the over by himself. Shortest field goal under 26.5 i feel like if either of these teams is this deep in the red zone their going for it on fourth down. Total punts i am absolutely crushing the under 7.5 i can’t see their being more than this. At +275 on a successful 2 point conversion this is definitely worth a look also. 

Now we come to my golden nugget the 13 point teaser at -130. This is for anybody like me who wants some juice in the game but doesn’t wanna bet against the Patriots anymore. You get the Rams at +15.5 and then you get the Pats at +10.5. To finish off the parlay you have the over 45 and the under 71. This has been a nice bet for me all playoffs except for when the Colts didn’t hit the +18 against the Chiefs DAMNIT. We have twelve days until we enjoy the last game of the season and were onto mock draft season. Keep your eyes on mybookie and hope like me that the Rams +2.5 continues to rise. Lets have a Tuesday y’all cheers.

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Fade Connor Season Rolls On

1-2 in three games last night but I can’t be blamed cause everyone has been warned and you should of gone 2-1.


The one game I won was Spurs at home against the worst team in basketball so although it counts, it really doesn’t. The Trail Blazers missed covering by a point so that was the one that really kicked me in the ass. The Raptors really put a number on the Clippers so I think the Clippers will probably end up the 6/7 or 8 seed. It’s a bummer but as long as the Clippers finish in the top 16 then I don’t care, need that first round pick. Also, a note to the media, don’t ask Kawhi Leonard about Christmas. 

Not many Happy Holiday’s for someone who doesn’t understand emotion

But that was last night, and unlike Kawhi Leonard, I do have memories. Memories of winning. They are few and far between, but I’m channeling those memories to get the good mojo flowing back through my veins. First and foremost, obvious bet of the night, Celtics -3.5 at the Wizards. Kyrie isn’t on the injury report but who knows if he’s playing. This spread almost feels disrespectful especially with our dominance against Washington over the years and the fact that were steaming hot right now. I would slam this spread now and assume it will be at 5 by the time were close to the game. This has turned into a little rivalry game so hopefully we get some blood too. 


On top of the Celtics, were taking two other spreads and one over under tonight. Yes, the over under is an over 230. Thunder @ Pelicans OVER 233 and were going to slam it. AD will come ready to play against big Stevie Adams so expect a war down low. Gonna parlay this one with the Celtics spread cause I feel great about those, probably want to hit the opposite if I feel great about them. 76ers are at home against the Brooklyn Nets. The Sixers, like the Celtics, are just now hitting there stride and I think it continues tonight. Love 76ers -6.5, if were talking units out of 5, I’m throwing 3. Lastly, the Pistons @ Hornets game is one I like too many things in. Over 218.5 in the game I’m taking, and I like the Pistons +5. Pistons off a loss and the way these teams matchup – Charlotte heavy backcourt, Pistons heavy front court, – both teams should be scoring at will. No shot the Pistons lose by more than 5 and because I said that, don’t be surprised to see the Pistons get blown out. 

Celtics -3.5, Thunder/Pelicans over 233, 76ers -6.5 and last second bonus over 223 in this game, Pistons +5 and over 218.5 in Pistons Charlotte. Good luck to everyone and may the fade season last forever.

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The XFL Is Back And I Need To Decide On A Team

The XFL is back and I was pissed about it but now I’m all in. More football, more gambling, and now all I need is a team to half ass root for. 


Anyone who likes football will enjoy in 2020 when a week after the Super Bowl a whole different season starts. Right now, it looks like February 8th or 9th is when this season will kick off for the XFL. The 8 cities getting teams are New York, Dallas, Houston, Carson (Cali), Seattle, St Louis, Tampa Bay, and Washington D.C. Most teams will play in stadiums already taken up by pro teams – Houston using the local college facility and Dallas using the old Rangers (MLB) stadium. The mascots definitely will sway my decision on who I’m rooting for, but as of right now I absolutely LOVE St. Louis. We own the Cardinals and I always enjoyed watching the Blues/Tarasenko so St. Louis seems to be the place I’ll go with. Also, the few football fans still in that city will go balls to the wall for games at the Dome so I’m all in. Hopefully they are the St. Louis Ligers or something cool like that.

Waking up a week after the Super Bowl with Football on

I’m not sure this XFL is going to be similar to the one before, but let’s just hope the rules aren’t as soft as the NFL now. The plan now looks as though the XFL is going to be all in on gambling on the games and using the legalization of that to benefit their own brand will draw more people to the XFL. The other thing is going to be skill level. 900 guys who were cut from the NFL last year have been invited to try out for next season. Obviously the talent won’t be as good, but if the hits are bigger and there can be more of an old school football feel, I think this could workout for sure. Let’s get excited about more football in America and start cheering for the St. Louis Ligers. (Really should think about that being the name of the team going forward.)

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Kyle Lowry Is A Baby

BR – “I felt betrayed because he felt betrayed, because that’s my guy,” Lowry said.

Kyle Lowry looking back for Demar Derozan 

I’m not saying Kyle Lowry is wrong for missing his “best friend,” but he’s gotta let this go. As someone who thought the Raptors got screwed in this trade, look how unbelievable they are doing right now. Kyle Lowry doesn’t realize that Kawhi Leonard is a guy who has gone the distance and actually won something in the NBA. Demar Derozan, as much fun as it was to have him as a best friend in Canada where everyone is nice, hasn’t won anything in the NBA thats worth a shit to what Kawhi has done. That might be bias cause I’m one of those ‘championships are the only thing that matters’ guys, but that’s just me. 


With that being said, the Raptors are pretty legit this year. Lowry is doing well and Kawhi is playing like he did when he won a Finals MVP. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Celtics have been laying eggs all over the place. It’s definitely going to turn around at a certain point but this season has not gone the way everyone in the world thought it was going to for the Celtics. Jaylen Browns been hurt and even before so he was underwhelming. Not to mention Gordon Hayward but it seems Marcus Smart has beat the talent back into him after his huge 30, 9, and 8 the other night. I’m not worried yet, similar to the Pats week 4, but lets hope we go on a little 19 game win streak like last year. 

Tonight, we got a few games to get back in the saddle and turn things around. First were going Golden State -10.5 over the Cavs. The Cavs are the worst team in basketball and Steph Curry just got back so if they can’t beat the Cavs by 11 then KD should probably just leave now. Next, I’m taking Clippers +1.5 over the Grizzlies at Memphis. Both these teams need to make the playoffs and then the Celtics will have 4 first rounders next year, but I think the Clippers are actually good. They’ve had good picks and I’ve always been a Tobias Harris guy. Last one I’m going with and continuing to go with is Wizards Hawks over 233.5. It would destroy me not to take an over thats above 230 so lets ride it out. It feels good to get back on the gambling horse so lets ride these picks into gambling heaven. 


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Winners Last Night, Probably Losers Tonight

We had our best night so far yesterday, going for a stern 3-1 cause the Spurs cuckolded us against the damn Kings. 


Utah and Philly covered very comfortably. Going to ride both those teams this week cause it seems they are getting hot as the season is getting underway. Philly is also adding that Jimmy Butler guy so I’m sure they’re going to get better as the season goes on. The biggest and best news of the night comes from the Pelicans Raptors over 232.5. LETS GO. Hitting these high overs keep my gambling career young and this one was awesome. Raptors lose and the over hits? Thank you, I’ll take two. Good night last night but it only matters if we keep it going tonight. 

There’s only three games tonight so were taking all the action. Hornets @ Cavs is a 7 point spread and I can’t tell if I want to take the points or the over. So you know what, were taking both. Hornets just beat the Pistons in Detroit and even though Colin Sexton is starting for the Cavs now, Kemba is a vet. Charlotte -7.5 and over 218.5 is what were going with in this game. We’ll see how the defense is but I think both these teams will let the boys score. Next we got Rockets @ Nuggets and I don’t see how we can bet on Houston. Houston has sucked and Denver has been great, so let’s take the Nuggets -4.5. Rockets are just a different team than last year and Melo is in a tough spot right now. Lastly we got Hawks @ Warriors, and I’ll be honest, after Green and Durant screaming at each other in an overtime loss against the Clippers, I sort of want to take Atlanta. I’m not going to cause why bet against the Warriors, so were taking this over at 229 and hoping for the best. No over 230’s tonight which makes sense cause the NBA is watching me, but at least I’m not getting blacklisted like Carmelo Anthony. Stephen Jackson chimed in yesterday about it. 


Pretty wild but, I don’t give a shit cause if you’re in the NBA you’ve made millions so cry me a river. 

T’s and P’s to Caris LeVert, hate to see injuries and gruesome ones are terrible. 


Jimmy Butler To The 76ers, Fuck


Yeah, the Philadelphia 76ers just got the missing piece and all of a sudden there’s a race in the eastern conference. 


No idea who Justin Patton is but holy shit, mother fucker, son of a bitch, the Celtics have a team that will seriously challenge them for the Eastern Conference Finals. Simmons, Butler, and Embiid are a trio that I will not like to see walking into the TD Garden. After losing to the Utah Jazz and giving up 123 points, I hope the Celtics see this and start to pep the fuck up. Road trips are tough and I know the C’s will turn it around, but now we have a team to worry about in the East. I blame this solely on Joel Embiid for bringing light to the fact that our team’s “rivalry” wasn’t anything cause we always kick the shit out of them. Christmas Day at 5:30 is going to be an all out war against a now great 76ers team. 

Last night I went 2-2 again, fucking bullshit .500 NBA gambler right now. BUT NOT TONIGHT. The 76ers are back and so is Connor Campbell’s NBA Gambling career. We’re taking the Warriors @ Nets over 225, Bucks -3.5 @ Clippers (trap spread), Spurs ML dogs AT HOME against the Rockets (Rockets SUCK), and our elusive over 230 will be LAbron @ Kings over 239. Let’s get wild and scream about how great this race to the NBA title is going to be this season.



Alabama Would Beat The Bills

I know.. I know. I used to feel the exact same way you probably do. I used to scoff at people that would say a college team could beat a pro team. I’d laugh in their face. Because I know that the NFL is an all star game, for about 10 different age groups. An actual collection of the greatest football players the earth has seen. I know that in college football, even in the SEC there are guys who won’t make it to the NFL. And I know that Tua hasn’t faced 30 year olds who are looking to feed their families yet… BUT..

I believe that this Alabama team is different. The differentiating factor is the QB. By far. For as far back as I could remember the Alabama teams were winning because they would run all over teams. The offensive lines and running backs would just barrel folks. Most of the time winning IN SPITE of their quarterback. The QB’s, although probably talented, were 1000% system QBs. What I used to say to someone who thought Alabama could beat an NFL team was that “D Linemen in the NFL would be able to handle the O Linemen and running back so the offense wouldn’t work”..

Tua changes ALL OF THIS.. he can make every throw. He leads his receivers better than half the NFL. He can put the ball anywhere he wants.. which is what he’d have to do because “That’s open in the NFL” means a few inches here and there.


This Alabama team is the perfect recipe of a team that could beat a TERRIBLE NFL team. Athletic defense. Great QB. And playmakers.

Sooo.. Here’s the lock of the century. If ESPN can figure out a way to set up an exhibition between Tua’s Alabama and The Bills…



Since writing this blog, I’ve received quite a few texts..

Here’s one from AQ Shipley

“Talent wise. I would agree that this team has a lot of future NFL PLAYERS. The SEC doesnt have a Jerry Hughes who is a proven pass rusher on one side and Lorenzo Alexander, one of the highest graded edge guys in the league. Both of these players have had success amongst the worlds best Offensive tackles. I always say what makes you better from year to year is your mind. Being able to process the worlds fastest sport in a split second is what allows players to play past the “not for long” mantra that many describe an NFL career as. Any defense in the NFL can process information so much faster than any college defense regardless of what conference they play in. Not to mention, Tua, has never seen as complex a defense as even the most watered down defenses in the NFL. He has never seen coverage disguises or blitz disguises quite like you see at the NFL level. These safeties do such a good job holding there bluffs until the last possible second and still have enough skill and smarts to get back into position to be where they need to be. I also must add, Sean Mcdermott is one of the smartest defensive minds in the NFL. So to think that its a lock that Alabama would beat an NFL team is a bit much. I think if you take talent alone based on projected NFL players as well as dominant record vs everyone in college, I can see why people would argue your point about being able to beat an NFL team who is having little success. But, lets pump the brakes a little and for a second take into account all of the variables. Also, lets not discredit or take away the fact that there is a reason why the NFL is the highest level, its the best of the best. Yes, Alabama is the best team in college but lets also not forget that around 50 percent of the roster will not be on an NFL roster after Alabama. NFL rosters which include yes that team youre talking about…the BUFFALO BILLS.”

So he doesn’t agree with me… what would he know anyways. 10 year NFL Center. He didn’t mention “RPO” once.

And here’s another from former teammate, NFL Corner/Safety/3rd String Holder- Darius Butler

He told me I was wrong.. I simply asked why, then got this response 👀

5 years ago this wouldn’t even be a conversation worth entertaining IMO. Today its at least worth a conversation. I lied, its not! I literally completely changed my mind about it in the middle of writing this. I first took into account the amount of hours these college guys have dedicated to their craft over lets say the 5 yrs before arriving at Bama. In 2000 I wasn’t interested in working with a trainer to improve my skillset over the offseason before my freshman yr in HS. Nowadays these kids have trainers at age 13! Fast Fwd that kid 8yrs and now you’re a rookie WR in the NFL you have 5 extra yrs of personalized training under your belt (which is an eternity when working with a world class athlete.) I witnessed Erik Swoope transform from a College Basketball forward to a legit TE over the course of 3-4 yrs with no College FB experience. After factoring that in I went to the QB position (which is arguably the toughest position to play in sports) and the recent surge of 1st and 2nd yr QBs that are dominating almost immediately. Which of course has in part to do with Coaches on the Pro level being more flexible and adding some of the College-style plays into mix i.e. Andy Reid/Bill Obrien (necessary RPO mention)

Even with these factors along w/ a few others, the gap between the best college team and the worst pro team is still too significant. Let’s try and break it down with an excercise. Grab a sheet of paper…draw a line down the middle. Write on each side the top 5 players on each team. On the Bill’s side you have guys who have not only played but dominated for extended periods in their careers against the very best players this earth has to offer. On the Bama side lets say you have 5 first rounders who may or may not pan out on the next level. Now slide down that roster to the 15-20th best players on each roster. I think pretty quickly you realize what I did without going any further.


So.. That was quite a ride there. I did his little paper exercise. It’s not great for my side of things here… BUT.. Darius isn’t even accounting confidence. The Bills just lost to the Bears by A LOT.. and Alabama just beat LSU by 29 in a shutout rout in the Bayou..

Starting to think I could be wrong here.. Weird feeling. Not sure I’ve ever had it.

Thursday Night Basketball Recap And Friday Picks

Before we get into it, Carmelo Anthony is a curse. The Houston Rockets lost by 18 points to a Thunder team who didn’t have Russel Westbrook. This is the same team that was the “best team in the league” last year. Now, without Trevor Ariza they are somehow crumbling. If you told me last year this team would lose to the Thunder without Westbrook playing, I would of told you I also lost a bet. Call me a fortune teller and a curse teller cause Melo’s career has turned him into a Conjuring-esque idol. That, along with a Celtics 7 point overtime victory after being down 20 points were my two losses. Celtics -9.5 is still a lock. If you want an honest blog about the Celtics, look elsewhere, because I’ll slam them till I have nothing left to bet.  


The other two we cashed in on was the Trail Blazers -5 and….OVER 239.5! Makes sense that this Bucks Warriors game went over cause I said the NBA was watching my blog and because I called them out, they know they can’t stop the overs. Let’s hope the trend continues tonight. The Trail Blazers covered 5 by plenty and I think betting against the Clippers this year might be safe. If not bet that over cause they can’t play defense for shit. Our over 230 record is at 2-2 and overall were batting a cool .500, lets get above that 50% mark with these picks tonight. 

We’ll start with our over 230 because we only got one tonight (makes sense NBA is watching me) and it’s Timberwolves Kings over 230.5. I’ll be honest, This is the first over 230 that I don’t like, but were testing theories here so were taking it anyways. If it looks bad at halftime, expect me to double down immediately. Next, and most obvious, were taking Celtics +6 at the Jazz. I’m also going to double down here and take the Celtics ML at +205. I know they looked bad last night and are playing back to back but we’ll get the job done. Last two I’m going with is Hornets/76ers over 226 and Pacers @ Heat -1.5. This is the second time I’ve bet against the Heat this week so if it doesn’t go well expect us to start betting on Miami. Oladipo is hot (also on my fantasy team) and I want to ride him and Sabonis to the promise land. I feel like every time I watch Philly play I see Ben Simmons playing James Harden defense. Kemba has a big night and this game goes way over. Again, if you don’t like them, bet against me and make some money, I’m still taking credit for your success. For those of you betting with me, let’s ride. 


It’s Friday, everyone have a great weekend and look for some more picks tomorrow. 


Wednesday Night NBA Recap And Thursday Night Picks

We have our first winning night of the NBA season and it only took me three nights, no big deal.  


Last night, the Pistons/Magic started off hot and the dream of an under was dwindling in the second quarter. Luckily, as most sub par teams do, both got cold down the stretch and that under 209.5 turned into a sure thing. What a glorious win for The Pub when Foxy’s team wins and I don’t lose  an under in the 4th quarter. Mo Bamba comes through once again with two blocks and a missed shot. God that guy is such a selfless basketball player I appreciate him greatly. 

When the overs gonna hit but your best friend has your back

The Raptors/Kings over 232 is the game that swings the theory into the negative. We are 1-2 on overs set above 230, therefore, I think the NBA is on to me. They must have heard after that first 230 over hit, that I was keeping an eye on them so last night they told Kawhi he had to play defense. Normally, I don’t take it personal when massive corporations hack into my plans for bringing them down, but this is different. There’s money involved, and these guys are trying to silence me like Kevin Spacey silencing Kate Mara in House of Cards. That’s okay, I wont stop now when were just getting into it. There will be another over 230.

Hit the nail on the head with Thunder Cavs last night. The Cavs and the Knicks are about to get into a serious tanking contest since the coming out party of Zion Williamson. Dennis Schroder stepped it up (being told he read my blog from yesterday) and put in a solid nights work with 28 points on 11 of 19 shooting while grabbing 7 rebounds. Nothing like winning by 9 when you need to cover a 6 point spread, but really nothing like winning when you don’t realize Russel Westbrook is out but you already put your bets in. Not a Thunder night tonight though. 


There’s only four NBA games so might as well bring the hammer down on all four of them. Rockets/Thunder at OKC is a tricky game to take but with no Westbrook and Melo returning, we’ll ride with the Rockets at -4. If the rockets lose to a team without their best player then you will hear a strong case for why Carmelo Anthony has a curse on him. Second game is the Celtics @ Suns so obviously were taking them at 9.5. The Celtics will cover this game after back to back losses. 9.5 is a lot but Brad Stevens is not happy with Kyrie and the Funky Bunch. Trail Blazers have been dominant at home, just beating the Bucks handily, so were taking them at -5 in Portland against the Clippers. Love Doc, but the guy traded his own son, wild move. Now, I saved the over 230 for last just in case the NBA is watching. Bucks @ Warriors is set at a biblical over 239.5, up a point from when this blog started. 120-120 used to be an All Star Game score but now its just the Bucks and Warriors. Let’s make some money and see what happens with the biggest over we’ve seen thus far.