After Days Of Thought Im Officially All In On The Josh Rosen Experiment

It is officially a new era in Miami, these aren’t the same old Dolphins throwing as much money as they can at random free agents. For once it looks like there could actually be a plan in place. When the trade first went through, Ill be honest i wasn’t sold on the idea at all. Ive been all in on the idea of going full tank and trying to get Tua next year, or even waiting for Trevor Lawrence out of Clemson.

After days to think about the trade and what we are getting, Ive really come around on the idea of Josh Rosen being a Miami Dolphin. The Dolphins didn’t trade a first round pick for him, they didn’t even trade their 48th overall pick for him. They traded that to the New Orleans Saints and ended up getting a second rounder for next year. In the end the Dolphins gave up the 62nd overall pick and a 5th rounder for next year. This was probably the best offer Arizona was going to get, when everyone knew they wanted rid of him. If your like me and were very skeptical of this pickup by Miami, let me sell you on what I’ve come around on. Arizona paid Rosen his bonus last year and ended up paying him 11 million in total. The Miami Dolphins have Josh Rosen under control for the next 3 years for 6 million. Thats 2 million a year for the next 3 years for a guy who went 10th overall last season.

Who knows how this thing turns out, I for one think FitzMagic will still be at the helm come opening Sunday for these Dolphins. At best we get a first rounder who could very well be a franchise quarterback, at worse we get a backup for three years at a very cost efficient price. Let me remind you that Matt Moore got 4 million per when he was the Dolphins backup quarterback. Im far from all in on Rosen, but this trade was worth the risk and Im very excited about this Dolphins team after the draft. Which is something i haven’t honestly been able to say since the Ryan Tannehill era started years ago. The quarterback room of Fitzmagic and Rosen looks a hell of a lot better than last years Tannehill and the Brocketship. All i know is things are changing in Miami and from what i can tell its definitely for the better. Hope y’all enjoyed the draft, FinsUp.

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The NFL Is Finally Taking Chances On Coaches.

Forever in the NFL it seemed like when these coaching positions came open in the NFL that teams would just hire a coach that had been around the league and had been a mediocre head coach at multiple other places because they were afraid to go outside of the NFL box and take a risk on a hire. It seems as if Sean McVay being successful has changed that. Besides Bruce Arians to Tampa it has been all new head coaches that are being hired in the NFL. I’m also fine with Bruce because he is a really good coach. He’s not some bum who has been mediocre his entire career. Every other coach that has been hired so far though is going to be a first time NFL Head Coach. 

The Coaches that have been hired so far are:

  • Vic Fangio
  • Freddie Kitchens
  • Kliff Kingsbury
  • Matt LaFleur
  • Bruce Arians
  • Rumored Matt Rhule to the Jets

I get that not all of these guys are going to work out and some of them may be terrible NFL coaches but at least teams are taking a chance instead of playing it safe with a guy who has been a career 500 coach. Also pretty happy that Freddie Kitchens got hired because after Kliff Kingsbury I was worried that the league was starting to only hire good looking coaches. Glad there is still a place in this league for out of shape guys. The players are already people that we can’t associate with in anyway because they are athletic freaks. We don’t need the same thing happening with coaches. 

It will be interesting to see if the rest of the teams this offseason follow suit with newer coaches or if they fall back to hiring someone who has been a head coach in the league before and was obviously fired at some point. 

Also congrats to the Browns on not fucking it up and keeping Freddie Kitchens with Baker Mayfield. 

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Kliff Kingsbury Is The New Cardinals Coach Because He’s Really Good Looking

Listen, I LOVE Kliff Kingsbury for the handsome yogurt slinging mother fucker that he is. Suns out guns out throw it all around the yard offense, love it. Cool long sleeve coaches shirts with dope sunglasses, love it. But how does someone that went 35-40 in College get an NFL job?

Literally goes from being fired at Texas Tech to the Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals. What a wild move. Just because he is young, handsome, and is a fun play caller does not mean he is going to be Sean McVay. I’m not saying he’s not going to be successful but it’s a wild move. 

If Kliff Kingsbury was a 5 there is no way that he gets that job. The world is so much easier when you’re a good looking human. Good for him though. He is going to be SLAYING coeds from Arizona State. Such a perfect fit. Him and Rosen just wingmanning each other. I can imagine it now. 

Who knows, maybe this bromance is exactly what the Cardinals need to win a Super Bowl. I assume the players are going to love him. Excited to see how it turns out. 

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This Weeks #CTGSSOLRDBLWHCCP Award Goes To…..

Move over Lombardi, Heisman, Nagurski, Thorpe or any other football human that has an award named after them. There is officially a new king in the football awards community.  I introduce to you the Clausen, Tebow, Gabbert, Sanchez, Schaub, Osweiler, Leaf, Russell, Dilfer, Boller, Leinart, Weinke, Harrington, Carr, Couch, Peterman award. Each week I will be handing out this award to the QB that displayed an extreme proficiency in being terrible.

This Weeks nominees are:

  1. Josh Rosen: 13/22 for 132 Yards and 2 Int’s

Oh boy is Josh having a tough year. He has easily been the worst rookie QB by far with almost no glimpses of being good. He has been so bad that he already has more pick 6’s than the King Nathan Peterman.

2. Ryan Tannehill: 11/24 for 108 Yards

Shoutout Tannehill for being the worst QB in the league this year according to PFF. It really is an incredible feat. The dude gets blitzed more than any QB in the league because he is absolutely horrendous at it. Probably because he is a WR. Unbelievable that the Dolphins paid this guy and he has continued to be a started in the league. This is what the award is all about. 

3. Cody Kessler: 9/17 for 57 Yards and 1 Interception

57 YARDS…. 57 YARDS. An entire game and he threw for 57 Yards. I think you have to try to be that bad. How does that even happen. LANDSLIDE Winner. Here is the best part. They didn’t event think about putting Bortles in or starting him this upcoming week… hysterical. Congrats to Cody Kessler on the win.

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PMS 2.0 021 – From Offensive Line To Tony Robbins

On today’s show, Pat sits down with the guys for a couple of conversations covering everything going on in the world. Digs and Zito join the show to discuss Zito’s weekend in Chicago and his blogging efforts, and Digs gives his takeaways from week 10 of the NFL, including a couple of awards he’d like to give out, and he and Pat discuss their rough weekends gambling. Todd and Connor pop in later for an incredible conversation covering whether or not Duke is going to get beat this year, what happened in the Patriots/Titans game, and the guys do a deep dive into Tony Robbins after Pat spent the weekend watching a documentary detailing one of his seminars. Also calling into the show is injured Center for the Arizona Cardinals and former Penn State standout, AQ Shipley. They chat about Quenton Nelson’s block, AQ’s time at Penn State, Zach Smith and Tom Herman’s beef, and the feeling inside Arizona’s locker room (32:23-52:50). It’s a good one. Come and laugh with us. Cheers.

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Bruce Arians And Chuck Pagano To The Browns?

I’m a Colts fan but when Peyton Manning went to Denver, I also became a Broncos fan until the day he left.  I loved that dude, so my fandom would follow him wherever he played.  The same principle applies here.  If these two guys pair back up to coach the Browns…I’m all in!

Bruce Arians provided color commentary for CBS in the Chiefs win over the Browns last Sunday.  During a break Arians was asked by the Canton Repository if he would consider being a head coach again.  His response was “Cleveland is the only job I would consider.”  Then he went on to say that if he got that job, Chuck Pagano would be his choice for Defensive Coordinator.  Holy Shit!!!  Is this possible?!

I have to think as soon as GM John Dorsey read this, phone calls were made.  Colts fans loved these guys when they were together here.  I think the only problem was, most of us would’ve preferred Arians as the head coach and Pagano as defensive coordinator.  In 2012, this duo led the Colts, who were 2-14 the year before, to a record of 11-5.  That’s the year Pagano was battling Leukemia and had to turn the reins over to Arians in week 5.  We were 2-2 at that point and under Arians, went 9-3.  Many of us think Chuck Pagano was a bit conservative and that Arians’ “let it eat” attitude better suited an offense led by Andrew Luck.

The Ravens defense was 3rd overall when Pagano was there and after the Colts fired him, it looked like the Ravens were very interested in bringing Pagano back.

Obviously, he didn’t become the defensive coordinator for the Ravens.  I couldn’t find a report that explained why.  Maybe it’s because the Colts’ defense finished 30th in the last two years that Pagano was head coach.  But the Ravens knew that before they reached out to him so I’m going to put my detective hat back on say it’s more likely that he told them he wasn’t interested.  If that’s the case, it’s possible he just wasn’t ready to jump back in the game yet and wanted to take some time off to spend with his family.

But what if he and Bruce Arians, who had just retired as head coach of the Cardinals, met for drinks and discussed what the future would hold for each of them?  Neither of these guys are starving, so if they wanted to return to coaching they could each afford to wait for the right opportunity to come along.  Even a schmuck like me was aware that if Cleveland didn’t turn things around this year, Hue Jackson was getting the boot.  So, let’s assume both these former head coaches were aware of that as well.  

So, when you add that to the fact that Bruce Arians just announced his desire to take over as head coach at Cleveland and to bring Pagano with him…it’s not unreasonable to assume that he had communicated that information to Pagano before he leaked it to the press.  

Now, Hue Jackson is gone and the Browns will have to make a decision for next year.  If they decide to go with an experienced head coach that has a proven track record and a talent for getting the most out of a quarterbacks that are #1 draft picks…I’d say Bruce Arians and Chuck Pagano are in a pretty good spot.