Jim Carrey Is A Massive Asshole On Movie Sets


This is going to be WILD. By now, pretty much everyone has heard about the creative process or seen the Netflix film Jim & Andy, which chronicles Jim Carrey’s descent into becoming Andy Kaufman. I’ve never considered Jim Carrey a method actor; making a bunch of goofy ass faces and acting like an ass clown for almost the entirety of the first half of his career doesn’t qualify as method acting in my opinion, but I’m not a thespian. (That doesn’t mean I don’t love damn near every movie he starred in in the early to late 90’s)

Let me be the first to say that I love Jim Carrey’s interpretation of The Grinch. Absolutely love it. I consider myself a rather uuuuge movie guy, but I’d never heard a lick of any of this stuff regarding the hellish filming process the entire cast and crew went through at the hands of Jim Carrey. The method acting excuse is a load of bullshit in my opinion. I understand embodying a character and living in their shoes. Daniel Day-Lewis and Christian Bale stay in character throughout the filming process which makes sense if you’re playing someone like Abraham Lincoln or Dick Cheney. It makes absolutely no fucking sense for someone playing The Grinch. You know why? Because a big green monster who eats trash and terrorizes people who live inside a snowflake is an absolutely fucking bonkers concept.

Don’t tell Jim Carrey that though. Biting Who’s noses off, being a general menace to everyone involved in the filmmaking process, possibly banging the Mayor of Whoville’s wife, scaring the shit out of people, you name it, he did it. Carrey states, “It wasn’t me.. I wasn’t making choices based on what Jim does.. he [The Grinch] felt it was necessary to stay in character. At some point.. he tapped me on the shoulder and said, I’ll be doing my movie.”


Those are the words of a complete and utter fucking lunatic. But god damn if it isn’t going to be some great content. I’m calling in right now, The Mayor of Whoville is our first CAN’T MISS/MUST WATCH of the holiday season. If anyone else has any thoughts on this, I want to hear them. 

PS: I find it absolutely hilarious that they’re releasing this on the heels of the new animated Grinch movie. Maybe they’re just trying to build on the cultural zeitgeist The Grinch is finding himself in.. that or they’re cucking the shit out of that and trying to steal it’s thunder with this news. Either way, I can’t wait to watch this.