Winners Last Night, Probably Losers Tonight

We had our best night so far yesterday, going for a stern 3-1 cause the Spurs cuckolded us against the damn Kings.

Utah and Philly covered very comfortably. Going to ride both those teams this week cause it seems they are getting hot as the season is getting underway. Philly is also adding that Jimmy Butler guy so I’m sure they’re going to get better as the season goes on. The biggest and best news of the night comes from the Pelicans Raptors over 232.5. LETS GO. Hitting these high overs keep my gambling career young and this one was awesome. Raptors lose and the over hits? Thank you, I’ll take two. Good night last night but it only matters if we keep it going tonight. 

There’s only three games tonight so were taking all the action. Hornets @ Cavs is a 7 point spread and I can’t tell if I want to take the points or the over. So you know what, were taking both. Hornets just beat the Pistons in Detroit and even though Colin Sexton is starting for the Cavs now, Kemba is a vet. Charlotte -7.5 and over 218.5 is what were going with in this game. We’ll see how the defense is but I think both these teams will let the boys score. Next we got Rockets @ Nuggets and I don’t see how we can bet on Houston. Houston has sucked and Denver has been great, so let’s take the Nuggets -4.5. Rockets are just a different team than last year and Melo is in a tough spot right now. Lastly we got Hawks @ Warriors, and I’ll be honest, after Green and Durant screaming at each other in an overtime loss against the Clippers, I sort of want to take Atlanta. I’m not going to cause why bet against the Warriors, so were taking this over at 229 and hoping for the best. No over 230’s tonight which makes sense cause the NBA is watching me, but at least I’m not getting blacklisted like Carmelo Anthony. Stephen Jackson chimed in yesterday about it.

Pretty wild but, I don’t give a shit cause if you’re in the NBA you’ve made millions so cry me a river. 

T’s and P’s to Caris LeVert, hate to see injuries and gruesome ones are terrible.