What The Bowl Games Should Have Been

CBS – Check out the entire CFP along with the New Year’s Six games below and keep scrolling for the remainder of the bowl slate. 

It’s the best worst time of year as College Football comes to end, starting with Army Navy this Saturday. 

My world when football stops for 7 months

Bowl games now don’t really mean too much, a big reason guys like Ed Oliver sit out so that they don’t get hurt going into the NFL draft. With that being said, the games they did decide on were underwhelming and thought there were some serious potential to see if an 8 team playoff really would be worth it going into next year. The first game that should of been scheduled this December was Georgia vs UCF. UCF hasn’t lost a game in two years and the best team not going to the CFP is Georgia. Why wouldn’t you put Georgia against UCF to see if the self proclaimed national champions really are legit. I get their quarterback is hurt and they would probably get blown out, but would be nice to see UCF go up against one of the best. If it was close then that game alone would be a big enough case to turn the CFP to 8 teams. Get rid of that blow away game that every big team has and lets add another week to the CFP. (Georgia vs Texas and UCF vs LSU)

Really, that was the only matchup that I wanted changed with all my college football might. A few other games I wanted to see were LSU vs Michigan and West Virginia vs Washington State. LSU and Michigan was just a game that I wanted to see cause both these teams were at the top of College Football for so many weeks of the season. I really like the Florida/Michigan game but with the defenses of LSU and Michigan, that game would wreak of an all out war. West Virginia and Washington State really should be changed into a game because it would be one of the more entertaining games of the entire season. These are two of the better gun slingers in the whole country and the fact that Will Grier and Gardner Minshew won’t be slinging it against each other is bologna. Not to mention a Mike Leach vs Dana Holderson battle that would have points on points on points.


Two of the games I thought the committee hit the nail on the head with was Ohio State vs Washington and Penn State vs Kentucky. The champions of the Pac 12 and the Big Ten in a bowl game that isn’t the college football playoff is rare so hopefully after Washington gets blown out the Pac 12 will start to get serious about their football again. UCLA and USC have to get back in the action cause right now the Big Ten dominates the Pac 12. Penn State Kentucky will be a great SEC Big Ten game to go with Michigan/LSU. I like this matchup cause of Trace McSorley vs the Kentucky defense. Always thought McSorely was a stud so hopefully he’ll put on a show and Kash Daniels will respond with a few big plays of his own. Very excited for this next month of football and very sad at the same time, lets hope we get some magic to carry us to next years season.

Everyone on February 4th

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