Unfortunately, I Think The Packers Stink


This one hurts. Very badly. By all accounts, the Packers had no business losing that game to the Rams IN LA with a stadium packed full of Green Bay fans. Defense actually plays pretty well the entire game minus a couple hiccups against one of the best offenses in the NFL, Rodgers makes a couple of big throws when the team really needed him to; everything was lining up for another opportunity for #12 to showcase why you wan’t the ball in his hands late in the game.

…And then Ty Montgomery decides to play hero ball. According to reports, Montgomery threw a tantrum on the Packers previous drive for being pulled. Coaches apparently were VERY ADAMANT about having him take a knee in the end zone to ensure that the most talented quarterback on the planet would have an opportunity to the win the game. The locker room wasn’t pleased about it either.

This should’ve been a season defining win, instead it’s the same song and dance how they “aren’t quite there yet,” and need to “put together a complete game.” The players need to perform more consistently, yes, but in the end, it all comes down to coaching. If Mike McCarthy had almost any other quarterback in the NFL, he would’ve been shit canned years ago. Guy just seems to think he’s smarter than everyone and can outcoach anyone.


Excellent point. Anyone with a brain the size of a lab rat could’ve told you the Packers were going to lose after that, all momentum going into the half gone in the blink of an eye. The Packers can still get into the playoffs, but it’s tough to have any confidence that this team is going to be able to beat anyone. It’s time to drain the swamp in Green Bay and try to salvage the last couple great years of Rodgers’ career. I hear a certain someone is looking for work now too…


Rodgers and Davante Adams are the only thing about this team giving me any life going forward. Luckily next week is your run-of-the-mill bounce back game in New England, that one should be easy.