Town in Oregon Elects an 18 Year Old Mayor – Not A Parks And Rec Joke

Let’s get this out of the way. The kids name is Ben Simons but this is not the same Ben who built Ice Town. The parallel between this case and Parks and Rec is as scary as the time traveling Simpsons man. When I first read this I thought there was a 0% chance that this could go well. However, after watching Brady Wakayama’s tweet (love the name Wakayama) I think the town of Yoncalla is in great hands. “I feel at home,” being the first thing he says is hilarious. No shit Ben, you’re 18 years old you’ve never been anywhere else. What is bending my brain is thinking about what the towns going to do when this dude ships off to Stanford or whatever school he’s going to for computer engineering. ‘Hey mom do you mind standing in for me while I’m gone? Sure honey, is it for school? No I need you to be Mayor for the next 8 months.’ This kid just put his parents into the worst possible position by forcing them to have to clean up the mess he made. That’s what most 18 year olds do but usually the mess isn’t being the Mayor. 

If I were an 18 year old mayor in my town back in Mass, here’s a few things I would do. First, no more homework for high school students. I always think back to high school and think of how much more fun it would of been if there wasn’t any homework. Essays and such must be completed within school hours so there is no room for take home work for the children of the world. Second, I would open a vitamin lounge for people who want to take their vitamins with others who want to as well, cigarettes are indeed allowed. Lastly, I would set the max age of drivers at 70 so nobody is ever going under 15 mph in my town. That’s right, I’m the Mayor so I say my town.

Was pronouncing Wakayama as Whack a Yam a – name is electric. 

Let me know what you would do if you were the Mayor of your town at 18.