The Weight Loss Competition Is Coming Back And I Guarantee A Win

Thats right, it’s back. Everyone had such a great time with it last year that it’s an absolute no brainer to do the weight loss competition again. This time the stakes are much much higher and there are a few more contestants but it’s the same gritty competition it was before. The changes are that its now percentage of weight lost instead of just total pounds lost, It’s 10,000 dollars to the winner, and Todd McComas and Tim McAfee will be part of the contest this time as well. The rules are quite simple, the winner is the man who loses the highest percentage of weight during the month of January.

Before we move forward to this years competition let’s take a step back and look at last years. Zito defeated me by losing 32.2 lbs while I lost 27.2 lbs.

I give it to Zito. 33 lbs is an incredible feat for a human to do in a month. Zito on most days would only eat a salad for lunch and that is it. He starved himself for 30 days and it did not phase him at all because his body had so much energy stored. Zito is literally a bear that could hibernate and not eat for 3 months and be fine. I am not worried though because I know what I did and I know I can do much better. In the videos below you can see what I was doing on the last day working out in a full sweatsuit doing everything I could to lose weight. I only did that on the last day though. I barely worked out during that competition while continuing to party on the weekends. That is going to change this time.

This time I will be doing 2 a days the entire month while also doing the diet that I did last time without the killing myself on the weekends. I honestly believe that I can lose 40 lbs this time. If I start at 230 and go to 190 that is a loss of 17.4%. Zito would have to lose 47 lbs to match that pace. I don’t think he has it in him. Im going to lose weight like Bale did for the Machinist.

This competition really comes down to motivation and I promise you I have more motivation than anyone in this competition. I need this money more than you could imagine. I also can’t lose to fucking ZITO again, that’s just not good for a mans morale. Why am I only talking about Zito as my competition? Well, I just don’t think the other 2 have a chance. They are rookies, they have no idea what it takes.

Just for fun though, lets take a look at the other 2 competitors. Starting with Todd McComas.

Todd McComas

Todd has too much going against him to win this competition. The biggest reason being the weight. Look at that picture, the man just doesn’t have the weight to lose. Todd is currently sitting around 210 and is trying to get to 220 for the competition which I don’t think he will get to. Lets say that he starts the competition at 215, Todd has to lose 37 lbs and get to 178 if he wants to play with the big boys. Todd would have to do meth for 3 months straight to get to 178. The one thing I worry about is Todd is an ex cop and may actually have meth sitting around to do. He’s hinting he has something up his sleeve and knowing Todd I know that it’s something big. 

Now onto Tim McAfee aka Block Dad

I would be worried about Tim if it wasn’t for one big reason. Tim is doing this for charity. I don’t know about you but charity isn’t enough to motivate me to eat 500 calories a day and be miserable for 30 days. Tim is not a young buck either, does he even have the metabolism it takes to compete with younger men (not Todd). I know Tim will give it his all, the guy did triathlons and I assume will train the same way that he used to but this is a young mans game. 

No matter what happens this is going to be an exciting competition that I am pretty positive you will be able to bet on at MyBookie.AG. You have 4 very different humans that live 4 very different lives losing as much weight as they can. I just want you to know that my eyes are clear, my heart is full, and I cannot lose. 

UPDATE: This Human (Cory Gregory)  is designing my training and eating program SOOOO everyone else is fucked.

We invite you to join us in this competition, no you can’t get the money but you will feel better at the end. 

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