The Miami Miracle

Im not here to tell you the Dolphins are going to make the playoffs. Im not here to tell you we are a great team. Yesterday was our Super Bowl and I’m fine with that. Once a year we usually somehow find a way to beat one of the best franchises of all time. Every year we go into New England and get smashed, not even close, game was over before it started. Yesterday didn’t feel like we deserved to lose though and we deserved a chance to win that game.

This team has lost games they should of won and yesterday they pulled one out that they probably should of lost. As excited as i am about the win, I’m just as excited that this team didn’t quit in a situation like this. Lots of people have been questioning whether Adam Gase is the right man for the job in Miami. I truly believe he is, but just hasn’t found his quarterback yet. Ill give Tannehill credit he grinded it out yesterday and very surprisingly to me anyways played really well

As negative as I’ve been about these Dolphins, they have been fun to watch and Im starting to believe more and more in this team. With guys like Frank Gore and Danny Amendola in the locker room it does feel like this team could finally grow into something. I do think they still need a fresh start with a new quarterback but after yesterday i think we can all agree miracles can happen. This squad could sneak into the playoffs, lets see what happens these final three weeks. Good to be back

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