The Gift Of Chad Kroeger

Now this isn’t a new story, but I’m sure its one you’ve never heard before. In 2016 a Canadian police force threatened drunk drivers with a cruel and unusual punishment. Yes on top of the thousands of dollars and never being able to travel to the States again, you would then be forced to listen to Nickelback. After “being down to the bottom of every bottle” then getting behind the wheel, things would get even lower, by having to listen to some Chad.

The mounties were quoted as saying “We figure if your foolish enough to get behind the wheel after drinking then a little Chad Kroeger and the boys is a perfect gift for you”. It was not just one song either it was a whole album. Forty beautiful minutes of this great canadian band.

In true canadian fashion though once word got out about this their was a deeply heartfelt SORRRYYYY. The police force issued apologies to everyone in the band personally. Going on to say that they felt like bullies and couldn’t believe they treated fellow canadians this way.

CANADA gotta love it!!