The Carnival “Mafia” Is Apparently A Real Thing

WTAE: LITTLE ROCK, Ark. Three carnival workers have been charged with capital murder in the fatal shooting of a couple at a Kansas fair whose bodies were found days later in shallow graves in a national forest in Arkansas.

Alfred “Sonny” Carpenter and Pauline Carpenter of Wichita had been selling crafts, jewelry, purses and other handmade items at the fair in Barton County, Kansas, in July when they were killed. Investigators believe the carnival workers used the couple’s recreational vehicle to drive the bodies 320 miles to Van Buren, Arkansas. Their bodies were found buried in shallow graves next to a creek outside the small community of Natural Dam in the Ozark National Forest.

Police in Arkansas have said Younger texted the other suspects posing as a “carnival mafia” boss named Frank Zaitchik and ordered them to kill the Carpenters and dispose of the bodies. Fowler told investigators that he believed this was an initiation into the carnival mafia, so he shot the couple and Frasier stabbed Alfred Carpenter.

Oh you thought 60 year old ferris wheels missing bolts and merry go round death traps run by carnies with no future were the only thing you had to worry about at Carnivals? Well you would be wrong my friends. Add Carnival Mafia to the list. You want to sell your little trinkets at the fair? Well you are going to have to pay your Mafia tax just like everyone else. What’s Alfred “Sonny” Carpenter doing selling crafts at the fair anyways, you know it’s a front for his money laundering operation. Also I hate that the Carnival Mafia members look like meth head tweekers. I’d prefer that they would look something more like this:

Have a little fucking respect for yourself if you are going to be in the Mafia. The Mob is a well respected organization, not some country bumpkin mickey mouse carnie operation. Actually I’m going to send out a company wide email to the real Mob that we need to do something about these imposters. They can kill people and do organized crime like anyone else but do not call yourselves a mafia. Like Frank Lucas told Nicky Barnes “Brand names mean something. Consumers rely on them to know what they’re getting. They know the company isn’t going to try to fool them with an inferior product. They buy a Ford, they know they’re gonna get a Ford. Not a fuckin’ Datsun. Blue Magic that’s a brand name; Like Pepsi, that’s a brand name. I stand behind it, I guarantee it. They know that even if they don’t know me any more than they know the chairman of General Mills.” …… Mafia is a brand name and this carnival whatever is not the Mafia. 

I am flattered that they want to be called a mafia but they are far from it. Knocking off some trinket salesmen is minor league shit. Grow up peter pan. 

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