Pumpkin Smashing During The Day Isn’t As Smart As It Sounds

Pumpkin Smashing is one of the more fun things to do during the Halloween season. It’s more or less the grown up version of Booing, except usually the person receiving the smashing isn’t happy when they realize their pumpkins have been obliterated on their front walk way. I think it’s impossible to not respect this kid for putting it all on the line during the day on a Monday. What a balls to the wall type move with no regard for human life out of this kid. I bet he saw the neighbors mowing the lawn and gave them the bird as he ran up to smash the shit out of some toddlers pumpkins. 

“Leiszler said he won’t press charges or “publicly shame them by releasing their full names,” if he feels the “apology to be sincere” and that “they’ve learned their lesson.” He also asked social media to help him come up with a community service project.”

Why is it that anytime a kid smashes pumpkins or eggs a house, the guy who lives there is the strength and conditioning coach of the Chiefs (hardo) ? Anytime a parent says they wont do something “if he feels the apology to be sincere” then you know he drinks eggs for breakfast. “This has been happening year after year, and we are sick and tired of it.” I swear on helicopter parents that this is a direct quote from South Park. If this guy was a troll it would be the biggest 360 in the history of stories, but we know its not because of the sincere apology comment from Mr. Leiszler. 

Mrs. Leiszler

I love how these Fraternity brothers saw the old police badge and immediately confessed. You gotta stay strong there and deny till you die. Even with this video you wouldn’t be able to solidify which white kid in the crowd of 100 sitting at this frat did the crime. These guys got the sweats and probably made a call to the fraternity lawyer before deciding it was in their best interest to let this hero of a father give them the business. I’m guessing this wont be happening year after year anymore, but I hope they respond with a swift egging before they let this load of steroids get the last laugh.