UPDATE: NASA Should Still Launch Steph Curry Into Space


I’m tired of people talking about this. Not Steph Curry specifically saying it, but people being adamant that we didn’t go to the moon. We did, okay? I won’t continually allow people to shit on the legacy of Ryan Gosling¬†Neil Armstrong. He walked on the moon, and planted the Stars and Stripes into its crust with the same amount of vigor as Baker Mayfield slamming that OU flag into Ohio stadium in Columbus. The photos aren’t doctored in anyway either, can’t be.

I already couldn’t stand Steph Curry, and this just magnifies it by 1,000. He can do his nice guy schtick all he wants, but in my opinion, I think he’s kind of a sawed-off prick. Now he’s out here diminishing the accomplishments of one of America’s great heroes and pioneers? I won’t stand for it.¬†

Does that look like the face of a guy who would lie about walking on the moon? I didn’t think so. So let’s find a solution. NASA says they are more than happy to give Steph Curry a tour of their lunar labs, but lets take it a step further. Why don’t we just launch Steph Curry into orbit and let him try to shoot a couple of hoops on the moon. Maybe he’ll come across the bracelet that came from Armstrong’s daughter while he’s up there.

You can shit on any player in the NBA that you want and get a pass, that’s fine by me. But you disrespect the legacy of guys like Harry Stamper, AJ Frost, Buzz Aldrin, Ed White, Jim Lovell, and Neil Armstrong, and you’re going to find yourself firmly entrenched on my shitlist for life. Some of these guys have given their lives for our country, and this ingrate wants to look past that? Disgusting.

RIP Harry. (Still get goosebumps every time I watch this.)

Still not convinced, Steph? Watch a found footage documentary one time for me.

That just about settles it. “We need to fail down here so we don’t fail up there.” And we didn’t.


So, I think Steph should prove he has some balls and let NASA catapult him into space. I may be speaking for myself, but I think we could use a little vacation from Steph Curry, and maybe if he does this it’ll teach him a thing or two about respecting American heroes. That fucking Judas.



Steph has now walked back everything he said about the moon landing and insists he was joking. What a chickenshit move. He wasn’t joking, we all know it. He got absolutely blasted for it, and now probably feels like a moron for saying it. I don’t know if I could’ve lost respect for Steph Curry, because I didn’t have much to begin with, but this is just sad. Hey Steph, one more thing:


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