Millionaire Gives Away Massive Amount Of Cash

When I chose to leave Barstool, there were a TON of question marks regarding whether or not sponsors would follow me or not. “Would businesses still want to sell their incredible shit with us?” was asked quite a few times in the hours surrounding my decision.. We didn’t have to wait long to find out the answer.. The next morning, I was taking my morning grumpy.. The world was one big question mark at this point. What would happen next? Not only for me, by my friends who quit their jobs to join me in Indianapolis as well.. And just when the vitamin thoughts were about to start spinning in a slightly negative fashion.. BAM.. Optimism showed up.. I received a call from the marketing folks for They told me they’d give me whatever I need to keep the business moving forward. We chit chatted back and forth and landed on a budget. I told them thank you for doing that, it meant a lot and all they asked was please get folks to gamble on our site, and that’ll be how you repay us.

So.. we launched a series called #BeatPatMcAfee. I had this idea that we should gamble on everything. In the locker room, I’ve seen $20,000 Gatorade bottle trash shots made AND MISSED.. it always brought an electric feel to the locker room. When 20 racks are on the line for a 35 foot trash can “KOBE”.. the whole room would stop and pay attention. I took that thought and combined it with a sports book.. Each week they have me doing different challenges. From draining NBA 3’s to the kid’s game “Perfection,” I try to win folks money.. Today’s challenge was bowling. I am not a bowler. A lot of professional athletes are. I never was.. set Over/Under bets at 100 pins, 120, and 130 pins.. A double (two strikes in a row) and a turkey (three strikes in a row) betting line.. a fastest MPH bet.. and a prop bet on whether or not @Digz could chug a bottle of Bud Light in an eternity.. I’m just here to set us all up to be wealthy.. Cheers.

Sign up for easy money NOW at,, Use promo code “PAT” to get a 50% bonus on your first deposit. Imma keep winning for us. Let’s get rich.

PS.. I thought $20,000 on a Gatorade bottle trash shot was wild… there was over $50,000 gambled on me bowling this morning..

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