I Have The Perfect Punishment For Giants QB Kyle Lauletta


SB NationRookie quarterback Kyle Lauletta will not be suspended by the New York Giants for his arrest last Tuesday in a traffic incident. He also will not be playing on Monday night when the Giants face the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football. Eli Manning will continue to be the team’s starting quarterback. Coach Pat Shurmur said Monday that Lauletta would face “internal consequences” for his actions while running late for practice.

I’d like to focus on that “Internal Consequences” part. I have a perfect internal consequence that allows everyone to learn, grow, and win. 

You make Kyle Lauletta start the remainder of the season for the New York Giants. 

Some Random asshole – “But Digs, Starting for an NFL team is not a punishment” 

Ummmm it is when it’s the Giants and that O-Line. Eli has been sacked a league leading 31 times. Now some of that is on Eli because he’s a statue but that line is atrocious. Even after cutting Ereck Flowers. 


So yes, starting behind that line would be a punishment but it also serves a purpose. Eli is done, never to be good again. Watching him now, I can’t even imagine how he was good at any point. The decline is incredible. He doesn’t even have a neck fusion surgery to blame it on either. There is no future with Eli.

Starting Lauletta will at least give the Giants an idea or a glimpse into the future to see if they need to take a QB next year because they will be picking in the top 5 again. 

This is a WIN, WIN, WIN for everyone. (except Eli) Do the right thing Giants, do the right thing. 


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