Halloween Candy Kings Stay Kings

On today’s episode of Heartland Radio we had a riveting debate about the best and worst Halloween candy. My opinion was clearly the right one when I stated Reese’s was king and this stunt only reinforces my stance.¬†


What a flex… Trade all those piles of shit candy you’re just going to toss in the trash anyways for that sweet chocolate and peanut butter gold? YES PLEASE. The only question I have here is what is the conversion rate? How many baggies of that crusty bland candle wax candy corn do I need to drive over and dumptruck into this machine to get 1 Reese’s pumpkin.

“Take all these stale popcorn balls, here is a butterscotch hard candy someone’s grandma gave me, oh and here take this vile concoction of Satan bag of black licorice… What does that get me? 2 Reese’s Pieces? DEAL, SOLD,¬†HALLELUJAH!!

What’s your go to Halloween Candy and is there anything you wouldn’t trade for a Reese’s cup?

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