Guest Blog: Jason Wheatley aka Hoosier Fire Buff

Whether it’s a Quarterback competition or a competition among friends in gaming; everyone loves a good competition. With that said, I am issuing a challenge to Zito for the Director of Morale position. This would be good old fashioned and friendly competition between Zito and I. What’s more is that such a competition has the potential to be a content treasure chest of positivity.

You might be wondering what inspired me to issue this challenge? Well, I will happy to answer that question. When Pat and the gang learned my story and we became friends through his old Sirius show, they have
said that I am one of the most positive and inspirational people they have ever met. They say they are amazed by my positive attitude that I have even with the less-than ideal circumstances that I live with every day. These same sentiments have been echoed by many people on Twitter.

I don’t feel as though I am the inspiration that everyone claims me to be. I feel that I am just a regular guy with the same interests and desires as everyone else just with incredibly different circumstances. Over
the last few months I have been thinking about it and have decided to embrace the whole inspiration thing. I figure that if my story and continued positivity can help someone having a bad day, bad week, etc. then it’s worth it and is something I can be proud of. So, what do you say, Zito; you up for the challenge?