Gordon Hayward could be BACK

Safe to say it hasn’t been the hottest start to the season for the Boston Celtics. 22-15 and fifth in the East isn’t where most of us expected the Celtics to be in the Lebron-less East. I thought it would take time for Brad Stevens to figure out his rotations and which players to play when, with everybody being healthy this year, but i didn’t think it’d take as long as it has. Last night we saw something different though, we saw the Gordon Hayward we all saw in Utah and what we all hoped we were getting before his gruesome leg injury in game one last year.


After that awful leg injury it was always going to take time for him to get back into the swing if things, but with Kyrie out he went off for a season-high 35 points and looked like the All-Star we know he can be. 


If and I know its still a very big IF Hayward can find his forum with this Celtics team and Stevens can get his rotation rolling we all know this is a very very dangerous team. 


I loved this pickup when the Celtics signed him last year and i loved it just as much last night watching him go off like the guy i saw in Utah. Its still a very long season and this could just be a one off, but if this Celtics team gets going and most importantly gets healthy, they are among the top teams in the league. As a Celtics fan it was fun to watch and if this team can mesh and get going the way we all know they can its going to be a very exciting and interesting rest of the season. LETS GO CELTS

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