I’m certainly missing food… I’m in withdrawals instead of scratching my neck, I scratch my belly to try to stop all of my stomach growls. But I knew this was going to happen. Last time it took about six days to get use to the to this new habit. This time I’m guessing it’ll take about four days to get passed this meth like withdrawals. Also having food dream nightmares aren’t fun at all. In the nightmare I was in the kitchen with every accomplished chef and they were making all of my favorite meals. I have to get all of those evil thoughts out and stick to the one salad a day.

Also my boy copley sent me this idea and I may or may of not purchased this bad boy.

Can’t gain weight if you’re always moving. I just made that up and I think it’s going to stick. But on the real I’ve never felt better…actually feel somewhat healthy instead of stuffing my face with a burger at 9am.

SPOILER AHEAD: So I weighed in at 261 and some change and I think I’m dahn 4 or 5 already one day in with this “diet”. Yeah I get thats all water weight but I’ve never felt more confident for a 40 pound weight loss in my life.

Also I love how everyone is joining in on this challenge. Last time when we did this challenge it was really cool to see so many people reach out and ask or to give tips. We’re all on the same team so let’s shed some pounds and  thank you for the support lets do this.   

So make sure to head over to Mybookie and place your bets you have until January 3rd, lets bankrupt them and make a shit load of money. 

From the Desk of Director of Morale