Big Papi Stable Back In Boston

David Ortiz back in Boston. He had a second surgery last night after arriving in Boston and is stable and awake in the ICU. When the news of this first came out late Sunday night i was hoping it was just another twitter rumour, because I just couldn’t see this happening to David Ortiz in his country he has done soo much for. When the news first broke, we were told he was shot in the leg, but then as the night went on we all found out that he was in fact shot between the left side of the back and came out through the lower abdomen. When we heard that the emergency doctor said that David Ortiz told him not to let him die and that he was a good man, thats when the world started to realize just how serious this situation was for the larger than life Big Papi.

David Ortiz is the most influential person of all time in Boston sports. Yes i know Tom Brady has six Super Bowls, but Big Papi will always and forever be the face of Boston to me. He single handedly changed the narrative on what playing for the Boston Red Sox was like and put the team on his back to break the curse of the bambino in 2004. The game of baseball was just the start of what David Ortiz has done and continues to do for the city of Boston and the country of the Dominican Republic. After the Boston marathon bombings in 2013, the city of Boston turned to David Ortiz to help them get back on track after that horrendous day. 

I know how much David Ortiz means to me and I’m just a die hard Sox fan from Canada. David Ortiz is soo much more than just a baseball player, the impact he has had on the city of Boston is something we could possibly never see again. He came to Boston in 2003 and made that city his own. To see someone want to do something like this to him is truly shocking, especially in his own hometown. Thankfully he is stable and awake at this point and is on the road to recovery. Im still dumbfounded that something like this could happen to a man like him, after everything he has done and the way he influences soo many people lives in such a positive way. David “Big Papi” Ortiz is and always will be more than just a heroic ball player. Fortunately we will continue to see his larger than life smile and personality for many more years to come. Cant wait to see him back on his feet, Get well soon Papi.

Gump Cathcart