50 Cent Still Hates Ja Rule More Than Anything

CNN “We get it: 50 Cent and Ja Rule don’t get along. The pair of rappers have been going at it since 1999, when 50 Cent claimed Ja Rule became salty after seeing him with a man who allegedly robbed Ja Rule, while Ja Rule said it was because 50 Cent didn’t like that his neighborhood of Queens, New York was showing Ja so much love.

At any rate, almost 20 years later, the two are still sniping at each other.The latest incident occurred after 50 Cent said he purchased 200 tickets on Groupon for a Ja Rule concert so the seats would be empty.”

Absolutely love this. Death, taxes, and 50 Cent trying to bury Ja Rule every chance he gets. It’s too bad too, because Ja Rule has hit a ROUGHHHH patch recently. Headliner at Frye Fest.. everyone associated with it goes to jail for running the most blatantly obvious ponzi scheme of all time. Now, he’s trying to come out and just play the hits for his adoring fans at a reasonable price. Not while 50 Cent is still breathing.

50 delivered some heavy blows early, but you’d be crazy if you think the guy who performed “Clap Back,” wasn’t going to do exactly that.


We need these guys to continue to go at each other for the rest of eternity, and 50 doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who’s going to let up anytime soon. He has a shitload of money (or does he?) and time to spend crushing Ja Rule in anyway he wants. If you had unlimited time and money to bury someone time and time again, how petty would you get? I want to hear your dream scenario.