Warriors and Raptors A Refreshing NBA Finals


Well, here we go, Tonight’s the night, the NBA finals finally get started. It feels like months since the last game on Saturday night. For the first time in nine years we have no Lebron in these finals and for the first time in five years, we have a different matchup than Golden State and Cleveland. This series offers something different and something new for all of us. Golden State without KD and Kawhi Leonard in the era of superstars joining one another all across the NBA, he is trying to pull this thing off with just a supporting cast and no other real superstar. You can argue Kyle Lowry if you want, hes a great player but please don’t try and tell me hes a superstar.


I personally think this thing is going the distance. The Raptors are not the Portland Trailblazers, defensively their one of the best teams in the league and in years past we’ve seen thats really the only thing that can stop these Warriors. You have to somehow try and hold the Warriors to under 104 points. They are 65-9 in this run they have been on in the playoffs, when they score more than 104 points. That being said, for the Raptors to have a chance at winning this thing, they have to win game one HAVE TO. I honestly don’t think that Kevin Durant plays in this series and if he does I think hell be forcing himself early and possibly hurting the Warriors. Im not on the Warriors are better than KD wagon, but you can’t throw a guy into the finals who hasn’t played in a month and think its not going to take some time to get his rhythm back.


I honestly think the Raptors can pull this thing off, but I’ve thought teams could beat Golden State before on this run and have been horribly wrong. Either way this will be the best finals we’ve seen in three years. Its the true test of offence against defence and will be a grind it out series. Golden State has looked great since KD has been out but what if this thing ends up going six or seven games?? Can Golden State’s bench continue to have the output they did in the Portland series?? Is Andre Igudola healthy?? Can Boogie help out at all coming off the bench?? There is a lot more questions than answers with this Warriors team right now. The Raptors you know what its gonna take to pull this thing off, a heavy dose of Kawhi and hes going to need the same help he got in the Milwaukee series. It is going to take a big series from Pascal Siakam on both ends of the court as well and either Freddy Vanvleet is going to have to keep shooting the lights out or Danny Green is going to have to catch fire like he has in playoffs past. In this era of building super teams, if and I know its a big IF Kawhi Leonard can pull this off, it will be one for the ages. For the first time in five years we have a different matchup in the NBA finals, lets enjoy the hell out of this people. 


Gump Cathcart