Tiger Woods Back On Top Where He Belongs


Yesterday was a day that reminded us why this sports thing is soo great. You can’t write these stories, you can’t make this stuff up, things like this that happen in sports are what make it the absolute BEST. Tiger Woods was left for dead, every single analyst on ever single platform counted him out. Told him he’d never get back to where he was yesterday, told him to retire to try and save what was left of his legacy. Yesterday he silenced everyone and won his first masters since 2005.


We’ve all been dreaming and hoping of this day since his life took a turn for the worse both personally and physically. At 43 years old everything came full circle for him yesterday. When he won his first masters in 2005 it was his dad standing waiting for him, yesterday it was his young son running to him after victory. Tiger said thats what meant the most, the fact that his kids had never seen him win one and finally they did in stunning fashion. 


It had the old Tiger feeling yesterday didn’t it, at least for me it did. Watching players all around him falter on the final round, while he just kept doing his thing and putting up numbers that he knew would be enough to win this thing. From Molinari’s mistakes, to Koepka missing his putt to be within one, rather than Tiger being able to two putt to victory. It was not classic Tiger by any means yesterday, while watching players put balls in the water he chose to play it safe on numerous occasions and got rewarded. For the first time Woods came from behind in the final round to win a major.


Tiger winning yesterday after everything he has been through was a reminder why we love sports. Things like this are just too good to be true, fairytale stories but they happen. You just can’t make this kind of stuff up, yesterday brought a tear to my eye and I’m sure it did to a lot of you out there as well. For anyone and everyone who has doubted this man and debated whether Tiger is back or not. We can now scream it from the rooftops TIGER IS BACK!!!!!! Hope y’all enjoyed this moment as much as I did and lets enjoy this sports thing.


Gump Cathcart