The NHL is Following the NBA’s Lead…

The NBA is easily one of the most innovative and progressive professional sports leagues in the world. The NHL and Gary Bettman have wisely decided to stop always playing little brother to the other major leagues in America and get ahead of the curve in some respects, agreeing to partner with MGM after the recent rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court on sports betting. 

The NBA capitalized on the opportunity and partnered with MGM announcing a multiyear deal with MGM in July.

While the NHL or it’s teams are not getting a cut of any of the profits made from gambling (That would be bad folks… Though very interested to see how the MLB handles things with Pete Rose when they inevitably open their arms to the book makers). It’s not hard to see the potential benefits this brings the league in terms of notoriety and the ability to profit through other avenues.

Eventually fans in other cities can experience the perks of what a Vegas Golden Knight fan already has… Walk into a sports book (or your own arena even), place a bet, then watch the team fulfill all your wildest hopes, dreams, and financial desires right up until the last moment and eventually deliver a soul crushing sadness that you’ll never be able to truly process because they were never really supposed to be that close… So you got invested… But they were that close? So they deserved to be… Right? But did they? I mean really? I still have no fucking clue. I DO know I want to be able to blow a paycheck on an 5.5 goal O/u parlayed with several puck line’s against teams playing on back to back nights!

Not lot of people gamble on hockey currently, shocking I know. I was actually informed many more people bet on episodes of “Beat Pat McAfee” sponsored by MyBookie.AG (Promo Code: PAT) than any individual hockey game. This is a game changer however. Allowing the ability for digital and in person bets in the arena (which will come in time, make no doubt) and the constant promotion of betting will increase the casual fans interest to a level the rest of us degenerates have come to know and love.

The trickle down effect on how this changes the actual sport remains to be seen and we can only speculate. Will this loosen up the NHL’s often tight lipped injury policy even more? Will the rule makers finally embrace the player’s offensive skill sets and take more effort to protect their stars (No, not JUST Sid).  It’s hard not to get excited about the potential and possibilities, but not everyone is a fan…

You can’t please everyone, but with the NHL having victories come so few and far between this seems like a step in the right direction for keeping the game relevant in a national audience’s eyes and modernizing the league. 

Let’s hear your thoughts below… Do you like this move? Do you love it? Do you care at all? What is this “Hoc-Key” you speak of?

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