OKC Is Built For The Playoffs


Last night in Portland felt like a playoff game, it was a grind it out gritty affair that needed overtime to decide it. Ever since KD left OKC I’ve personally had a soft spot for the Thunder, I love Westbrook and have been a fan of PG since his days in Indiana. In years past they just haven’t been able to get it done in the playoffs but i think last night showed hope that this year could be a lot different.


This team has an edge this year, before it was just Westbrook who had it but this year it feels like the whole team has taken on his energy. Paul George is playing out of his mind right now, probably, actually definitely the best he’s looked in his career. Those two are always going to get it done for OKC, I think we can all agree on that but its the supporting cast on this team that has impressed me almost as much as those two this year.


This team has depth and it has a lot of it, this is something we couldn’t say about the Thunder since KD left. Adding Morris to their already nicely assembled bench will be huge for them come playoff time. This team has two superstars, a deep bench and they love to play tight defence, thats pretty much the guide on how to be successful in the NBA playoffs. Just like we saw with the Celtics in Golden State during the week its going to be teams that can play defence that are going to give them troubles. I loved what i saw from this OKC team last night and I’ve liked how they’ve looked most of the season. Get on this wagon now, I firmly believe this Thunder team is ready to make a VERY deep run in these playoffs. Lets have a weekend y’all.