New NHL Jerseys Dropping… WHAT ARE THOSE!?!?

More new sweaters for a few teams around the league dropped and this time they’ll actually be worn on the ice, not just a video game (Digital 6 Jersey Release).

Thanks to IceThetics we got a good look at the Bruin’s Winter Classic sweaters they’ll rock at South Bend. 

This is as vintage a look as you can get. They’re styled like the B’s jerseys in the 50’s and went with the big block B logo and ditched any Bear reference. Big fan of these as a special occasion once a year wear. 

The Blackhawks haven’t officially released their look for the game other than their logo. IceThetics are big on designs and projections though so here is a mock they think it could look like based on the logo. 


Woof, let’s hope not. Chicago’s got it bad enough with the fans ready to riot over Coach Q getting the axe. 


The Kings, Lightning, and Leafs, new thirds leaked yesterday. 

Kings: This is what we’ve come to expect from a Kings jersey. Solid, not spectacular. They seemed to have learned their lesson since the ‘Burger King’ days and keep things simple. Crest, Crown, Black/Silver… Print ’em

Wayne didn’t deserve this

Bolts: WTF… That’s it? It’s just… Black? I imagine the folks designing this one forgot about the due date, we’re out at a happy hour boozing their worries away, one of them got an e-mail that the new thread design was due and he opened up MS Paint and went to town. “Just going to drop that clip art logo here… oooh look I can do the gradient thing on the sleeves too! Perfect! Attach file… Sent!!” Roller hockey rec league teams wouldn’t even wear these. Tampa does have a history with getting a little eccentric with their uni’s. I’d be surprised if they don’t modify these by the time they hit the ice.


Leafs: Before they were the Maple Leafs, they were the Toronto Arenas. The Arena Company owned the team when it went bankrupt and the rights were given to a new group who renamed the team the Toronto “St. Patricks” who would eventually become the Leafs. This look is essentially the same as they wore last year for a game against Chicago. It’s about as generic as it gets for a throwback, not a whole lot to love or hate about it. 

What do you think? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Let me know

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