My Canadian Hero??

Growing up in Canada, as far as Olympic track stars went, most will think of Donovan Bailey. Who won the 100 metre and 4×100 metre in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. For me growing up as a WWE fan it was somebody else, Ben Johnson. Canadians will tell you everybody was juicing and that Carl Lewis in fact tested positive before the 1988 Olympics. The rest of the world will tell you Ben Johnson was nothing but a cheater. I still watch the race from time to time, the man looks like he was shot out of a cannon and the race was over after 15 metres. His gold rope chain sitting on a massive set of traps, some say it might of been obvious. There is way more to the story though, once again us Canadian being far too nice hurt us. They never requested to see the test results or any other evidence, just went on their word that Johnson had in fact “pissed hot”. Johnson to this day has never denied being a steroid user. But he remains adamant to this day the steroids should of been cleared by the olympics came around. Johnson tested positive for stanozolol which he never denied using, but the oxandrolone that was eventually scratched on the report when they finally saw it some 30 years later, he found as a shock. Six of the eight in the 1988 100 metre race either tested positive or were implicated in a drug scandal in their careers. Positive or not, Ben Johnson will always be a hero of mine and i will continue to watch that race again and again, because it sill blows my mind how fast he came out of the blocks that day. If ya aint cheating ya aint trying I guess.