Le’Veon Bell Spotted at LA Fitness In Pittsburgh. He’s Basically Back


First off thats a 10/10 caption. Bravo Jamie. Secondly, Le’Veon is so close to being back I can taste it. No better way for a professional athlete to stay in shape and gain confidence than playing some pick up ball at your local LA fitness against out of shape white dudes. 

Le’Veon isn’t dumb. He knows basketball shape is the best shape you can be in. Kuddos to him for swallowing his pride and trying to be the best athlete he can be. It’s a process, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Today Lev is Sandy Lyle calling T’s because his lungs are burning. 

Tomorrow Lev is Carlton air mailing hail mary’s from half court.

Thursday Lev is Billy Hoyle inches away from dunking.

Friday Lev is MJ dunking on the Monstars from half court.

Next week Lev is back with the Steelers and is the greatest backup RB in the history of the NFL. What a time to be alive. Welcome back (kind of) Le’Veon. I look forward to defending you from thousands of booing Yinzers. 


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