JuJu Is A Treasure And Should Be Treated As Such

Yup that is Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster on Halloween dressed in full Steelers uniform handing out candy to cars at red lights and trick or treating with the neighborhood kids. JuJu’s gonna JuJu.

I love JuJu. He’s incredible. Best rookie WR in the history of the organization. He made play after play after play with incredible celebrations after each TD, FUCKING UP that piece of shit Vontaze Burfict, having his bicycle stolen, and turning down pornstars. Lets take a trip down memory lane.


I couldn’t have loved him anymore after his Rookie season. Just a carefree kid who loved playing football and having fun. I even seeked him out at the Super Bowl party to let him know how much I loved him.

Then came a dark time in my life, the offseason. I become a different human in the offseason. I hate almost everything and everyone when there is no football on TV. That’s when things started to turn for me and Juju. I realize now that it’s not his fault. He was just having fun playing Fortnite with Drake, going to class in full uniform, and fucking with humans at country concerts, but I hated it. I was worried. I thought he was doing too much. FOCUS ON FOOTBALL!Β 

Shame on me. How dare I ever doubt what Juju could do. How dare I forget that Juju is 21 years old. He’s a Kid. How dare I want to rob him of having fun doing what he loves. I’m an asshole and an idiot. Now when I see Juju trick or treating in full uniform I just smile because I know when Sunday comes around he is still going to ball out no matter what he’s doing off the field. In Juju I trust. Hopefully he never changes.Β 

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