The Golden State Warriors Officially Look Vulnerable

The Golden State Warriors for the first time in the Kevin Durant era look vulnerable. They are 4-6 in their last 10 and are far from looking like the two time defending NBA champions we’ve grown accustom to watching. On top of them not looking great, the Rockets are heating up at the right time and are only 4 games back of them for first in the Western Conference. The Nuggets are only 1.5 back, but the Rockets are the team in the West that seem to have the Warriors number.

This isn’t a case of players being out either, Klay has been back for a few games now and this team just doesn’t seem like one thats ready to win their third straight title. It could be the addition of Boogie to the lineup, or it could just be that after this run some of these guys have had enough of each other. Its not even the 4-6 in the last ten id be so worried about if i was a Warriors fan, its the overall energy around the team. It feels like every night these guys are having some very concerning interviews with the media. Whether it be Steve Kerr, Kevin Durant or Klay Thompson last night, they just don’t seem like the confident Warriors were used to.

The Warriors will more than likely turn this thing around, we all know it doesn’t take long for these guys to turn it on and put the whole league on watch. It is a breath of fresh air for the whole NBA though and it all looks like its leading up to the best NBA playoffs we’ve seen in a few years. There is hope for the rest of the league right now that teams have a shot at knocking them off their pedestal. We have fifteen games left in the season lets stay tuned to these Warriors because if they struggle even a little bit it gives the rest of the NBA hope. Hope y’all enjoyed your weekend and hopefully we see a new NBA champion this year cheers.