Dez Bryant Did Not Pass Away & Brandon Marshall Could Kill The Saints.

All day yesterday players on the Saints and around the league were throwing up the X for Dez Bryant and I had to go back and make sure that I read the headlines correct that he tore his achilles and did not in fact die.

You probably thought I was going to bash players for showing respect to a player that got hurt before taking a snap for a team this year but you would be wrong. I actually think it’s pretty cool. I love what the Saints offense does and I was really looking forward to see what they did with Dez. Dez was stuck on that Cowboys team forever and he just wanted a chance to win and I respect that. It also shows how close of a locker room the Saints have that a guy can be there for 36 hours and they already have his back.

I’m happy to hear that Sean Peyton is open to bringing Dez back for next year. Dez is a very passionate player and there is always room in the NFL for players like that.

Now as the great Poets Semisonic said “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” With Dez Bryant being hurt that opens a spot for the Saints to sign someone else. That someone else being Brandon Marshall.

This is what I said last week about the possibility of the Saints signing Brandon Marshall…. 

Why not Brandon Marshall you ask? I love Brandon Marshall but there is one stat about Brandon Marshall that makes him unsignable (spell check is telling me that unsignable is probably not a word but they can go fuck themselves). Brandon Marshall has played 13 seasons, has 970 catches for 12,351 yards, and has 83 career touchdowns. Do you know what Brandon Marshall does not have? A PLAYOFF APPEARANCE. If you sign Brandon Marshall your season will DIE. Brees will get hurt, Bridgewater will blow out his robotic knee, Kamara’s nose will get ripped off by the ring, Goodell will retroactively suspend Michael Thomas for 9 games for cell phone usage, and Hue Jackson will somehow become coach. The Saints would burn.

The above remains true but My guess is that they think whatever voodoo Drew Brees is working with is strong than the curse of Brandon Marshall.

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