Degenerate Digs’ Sunday NFL Picks – 11/4

There’s nothing like gambling on an NFL Sunday. It can bring you the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. All of your bets can be looking amazing at 3PM only to have your heart ripped out by 4PM. NFL gambling is a fickle bitch and is not for the faint of heart. With that being said lets get into todays picks.

My favorite thing about todays picks is that they are all basically pick-em’s with exception to the Lions being +6. So all we are really doing here is picking the winners. Should be easy right?

1. Lions +6 @ Vikings, O/U 49

There’s only 2 ways this game goes. Vikings win by 30 or this game comes down to the wire. You never know what Lions team you’ll get but I’m banking on the good Lions since they got a shit game out of the way last week. The line is just too high for a division game when neither team has been consistent all year. LIONS +6

2. Falcons +1 @ Redskins, O/U 48

I know the Redskins have a good record at 5-2 but I just don’t believe in them. They only score 20 points a game and that lines up very well for the Falcons. The Falcons big weakness is defense but I’m hoping coming off back to back wins and a bye week that Dan Quinn has sured that side of the ball up and will do well against a Redskins offense that isn’t blowing the doors off anyone. FALCONS +1

3. Broncos +1 vs Texans, O/U 46

Denver has been good at home with their only 2 losses being to the Rams by 3 and the Chiefs by 4. The Texans O line is garbage and I expect DeShaun Watson to have Von Miller and Bradley Chubb in his face all day long. Houston’s secondary is also very banged up so look for the Broncos to have success through the air with Emmanuel Sanders and Courtland Sutton. BRONCOS +1

4. Chargers -1 @ Seattle, O/U 47.5

The Chargers only 2 losses on the season are to the Rams and Chiefs who pretty much everyone has loss to. The Seahawks have been much better than I thought they would by having a good running game and a solid defense. Only problem with that though is the Chargers have the defense to stop that run game and the playmakers on offense to score enough points the Seahawks won’t be able to keep up with. The Chargers always play better on the road too since they get to play in front of an actual crowd. I also hate Russel Wilson so factor that into my pick. CHARGERS -1

5. Saints +2 vs Rams, O/U 57.5

The Saints are getting points at home in the dome. I’ll repeat that…The Saints are getting points at home in the dome. That’s reason enough to take them today. Not to mention the league is rigged for Bree’s and this will go a long way to secure his first MVP, and possibly home field in the playoffs. Do not go against Drew Brees at home. That would be a mistake. SAINTS +2

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