Bryce Harper For 13 YEARS!!

Well i think were all glad this Macahdo and Harper free agent saga is over. Bryce Harper signed with the Philadelphia Phillies yesterday for a whopping 330 millions dollars with an average annual value of under 25.5 million. Considering Cano and Pujols got an AAV of 24 million 5 and 7 years ago this contract doesn’t seem too bad but the 13 years is definitely something to think about.

It appears that Machado and Harper have both gone to the highest bidders, with rumblings of the San Francisco Giants offering a twelve year contract worth 310 million but California taxes getting in the way of that deal. I honestly am still in disbelief that he didn’t just stay with the Washington Nationals. They offered ten years 300 million last year before the trade deadline which Harper turned down, my guess is he actually thought he was going to be the 400 million dollar man this offseason.

Ive yet to see one of these ten year deals work out in the MLB and now we have a thirteen year deal. I honestly just don’t see this ending well, Bryce Harper is a phenomenal talent and the front years of this contract may workout but by the end of it this can’t and won’t be pretty. Bryce Harper also isn’t a figure of consistency besides his NL MVP season in 2015 two of the last four years he has hit under .250 last year striking out 169 times.

The Phillies do have a very good squad even before the addition of Bryce but the NL East is gonna be a dog fight with the Braves, his former team the Nationals and I even think the Mets could be half decent this year also. The Phillies better hope to get a World Series out of this or theres going to be some long cold nights into his late thirties for Bryce Harper and his flow. Lets have a weekend y’all.