North And South Korea Are Officially Friends – Dogs Trump War

Link – If you didn’t see before in the year, Kim Jong donated two gorgeous dogs to Moon Jae-in, South Koreas President. One of the dogs ended up giving birth and now the peace treaty is legit.

Un waving to Moon from across the border with an even bigger smile on his face than that one right there is what going into 2019 should be all about. Look, I’m all about the feuds, but anything that’s lasted longer than 5 years should be dropped. North and South Korea have been Korean brethren forever and they haven’t been able to share their land since the 1950s. You may say, “Connor, why would they wait this long? Do you think the peace will last forever? Do you really believe the Pelicans/Thunder game is going over tonight?” I don’t have the answer to all of these questions, but I do have the answer to one: this peace will last forever and the reason lies below this sentence.

That’s right, puppies end wars. They don’t just end wars, they end armistice’s that have last over 60 years. There is nothing that can compare to the emotion that puppies overtake you with. Un already knew this, and that’s what made him gift dogs knowing one would be pregnant and that Moon would be overjoyed. Kim Jong is going into 2019 with friends, puppies, and the capability of going to South Korea. Now, I don’t think theres a chance Kim Jong leaves his country still, but hey, the option is there. He’s probably too busy playing with his own puppies. Kim Jong’s life has gone similar to Kanye’s. Guy used to stop smiling when he thought people were looking at him, now he’s hugging Trump in the oval office. That’s something they literally have in common. Kim Jong and Kanye friends in 2019?

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Massholes Can Now Secretly Record Police. Finally! – In a victory for two very different groups of people, a federal judge has ruled that a Massachusetts law against secretly recording police officers or government officials in public places is unconstitutional.

I have to be honest, I thought this was already legal everywhere.  Hopefully Massachusetts is the last state to hang on to this.  If not, don’t be misled by the fact police officers were protected by this law.  That’s only the case because police officers are technically classified as “public officials”.  This law existed because legislators and heads of government are public officials and they were looking out for themselves.  Police officers were included by a technicality.  

When I worked as an undercover officer in Indiana, I was legally allowed to strap a recording device on my person and record my conversations with whomever I wanted…except “public officials”.  If I wanted to do that, I had to get special approval beforehand.  That meant a government official had to be made aware that another government official, likely of the same political party or affiliation, was under investigation and at risk of making incriminating statements on a recording.  No chance of things going wrong there.

However, the focus of, and other media outlets releasing this court decision, is on citizens being able to secretly record police officers in public and deservedly so.  The internet is full of cell phone recordings of police officers mistreating citizens and abusing their authority so, I personally believe the legal right to record these interactions is a significant check and balance for our society.

That being said, I support this right as long as it’s done in a manner that doesn’t interfere with police officers lawfully performing their duty or in a manner that jeopardizes their safety.  Don’t get in my face with your camera and yell crazy shit while I’m dealing with an escaped mental patient that’s wielding a machete.  I need focus on not getting my arm hacked off and talk a crazy dude into dropping a machete so I don’t have to shoot him.

But as long as you stay at a safe distance, record until your battery dies.  I don’t give a shit.  As a member of your community you have the right to report what I’m doing to your community.  After all, I’m supposed to be treating people fairly and performing my duties in a lawful and ethical manner, so I should have zero issue with you documenting my actions.  What I do in your video should get me promoted, not arrested.

Obviously, not every officer treats people fairly and/or performs their duties in a lawful manner, which is why you’re recording me in the first place and why I support you being lawfully permitted to do so.  So, I’m happy the state of Massachusetts finally agrees with us.  We need to heal the relationship between cops and community and I don’t think we can do that until we identify all the problem cops so we can get them off the job and hold them accountable for their actions.  


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Disgruntled Guy Fingers Entire Town

Have to respect a good grudge. Any argument or dispute that lasts over a decade means anything goes. The seeds of hate have taken root and after 10 arduous years they have blossomed into a one big beautiful “Fuck You.” Few things are as satisfying as flipping somebody the bird after they do some dumb, irrational bullshit… Imagine being able to deliver one of the biggest of all time to your entire town!

Ten years ago, Ted Pelkey wanted to build a 8,000 square foot garage, so he could move his truck repair and recycling businesses to his own property, rather than working in the nearby town of Swanton, Vermont. It’s not exactly clear why, but local government was not about it and shut it down, refusing to give Teddy a permit.

Pelkey fought them for years, but no dice.  A true battle of proletariat and the bourgeoisie. A blue collar man vs the corrupt government machine! Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and decided to show everyone his distaste for the constant rejection. Ted dropped a cool $4,000 to erect a 20 ft high giant middle finger statue in his front yard…

Putting spotlights on it for night time was a nice touch. The most beautiful irony in all of this drama is Pelkey outsmarted the local government with a loophole after they had been jerking him around for years. You would think town officials would simply force him to take it down, but they can’t! Suckers! Apparently, yes the town had banned billboards in the past, but since the giant finger statue is not advertising a business, it’s technically public art. Public art in town is protected by free speech. Pelkey’s thoughts? “Most wonderful thing I’ve ever been told in my life.”

Respect to you Mr. Pelkey. Let that hate flow long and strong, loud and proud.

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The Chinese Government has a New Cheat Code for Immortality

Here I am sitting here on a nice casual Friday looking forward to the weekend, minding my own business, and perusing the internet for lolz and now I have to cope with and process this…

The Chinese Government created an artificial intelligence that looks undistinguishable from a real human, that LEARNS from social media, search engines, and live broadcasts, digests all of this information, and reports the news to the public. This is my nightmare. 

Although this creature of evil still sounds like a robot douche voice it won’t be long until they perfect the tones and inflections and the world’s biggest population are being fed robot agenda’s and propaganda. Allegedly the anchors can be fed text by humans to so they are under control, for now…

This type of digital cloning is such a terrifying precedent. It is essentially a cheat code to live forever. Anyone on this planet could be copied and put on the internet and TV spinning whatever fallacies or slander the controlling party can imagine.

China’s not quite a dictatorship, but they are an overbearing communist government who demand total obedience from their citizen’s. Could you imagine if a megalomaniac dictator like ol’ Jim Kong Un got a hold of this? The North Korean’s already view him as a god like figure, with this technology he could essentially live and rule forever. Even when his mortal body passes on… Let’s say he dies in secret after gorging on a mountain of cheese, wine, and Korean meth hookers, a group of government officials could take power and use this tech to still send messages, control, and deliver directives through state run television and the general population would be none the wiser.

When TV execs in America figure this out and replace all of the high priced broadcasters and television hosts with cheap digital clones we’re in for a real treat. Get ready for 100 more years of scorching Skip Bayless takes about the Cowboys while spewing hate for Lebron long after he’s retired, entered the hall of fame, become President, and passed on to 6 feet under.

What a time to be alive. 

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Town in Oregon Elects an 18 Year Old Mayor – Not A Parks And Rec Joke

Let’s get this out of the way. The kids name is Ben Simons but this is not the same Ben who built Ice Town. The parallel between this case and Parks and Rec is as scary as the time traveling Simpsons man. When I first read this I thought there was a 0% chance that this could go well. However, after watching Brady Wakayama’s tweet (love the name Wakayama) I think the town of Yoncalla is in great hands. “I feel at home,” being the first thing he says is hilarious. No shit Ben, you’re 18 years old you’ve never been anywhere else. What is bending my brain is thinking about what the towns going to do when this dude ships off to Stanford or whatever school he’s going to for computer engineering. ‘Hey mom do you mind standing in for me while I’m gone? Sure honey, is it for school? No I need you to be Mayor for the next 8 months.’ This kid just put his parents into the worst possible position by forcing them to have to clean up the mess he made. That’s what most 18 year olds do but usually the mess isn’t being the Mayor. 

If I were an 18 year old mayor in my town back in Mass, here’s a few things I would do. First, no more homework for high school students. I always think back to high school and think of how much more fun it would of been if there wasn’t any homework. Essays and such must be completed within school hours so there is no room for take home work for the children of the world. Second, I would open a vitamin lounge for people who want to take their vitamins with others who want to as well, cigarettes are indeed allowed. Lastly, I would set the max age of drivers at 70 so nobody is ever going under 15 mph in my town. That’s right, I’m the Mayor so I say my town.

Was pronouncing Wakayama as Whack a Yam a – name is electric. 

Let me know what you would do if you were the Mayor of your town at 18. 


A Dead Pimp Wins Nevada Election And I Love It

Former star of HBO’s Cathouse and owner of 7 brothels, Denis Hof was found dead last month by a Ron Jeremy and a prostitute and was still elected to the Nevada State Assembly yesterday.  The people have spoken!

Nevada gives zero fucks!  They don’t care if you make a living as a pimp, they don’t care if you’ve been accused of sexual assault and they don’t care if you’re dead!  All they care about is that your name has an R next to it!  Regardless of which way you lean, you have to respect the conviction.

I’m not going to speak ill of Dennis Hof.  Being a pimp is legal in Nevada as long as you fill out the paperwork.  Yes, he was being investigated for a sexual assault allegation but we didn’t get a chance to hear the results.  And yes, he is dead but that eventually happens to even the best of us.  But should we speak ill of the voters in Nevada for electing a candidate with this resume?

Nah.  Maybe they don’t read the internet, maybe they were just trying to make a statement, or maybe they just thought it would be funny.  Who cares?  It’s their vote and they should use it how they want.  That’s democracy.  That’s America.  And I love it!


Heartland Radio 2.0 Ep. 18 – Political Attack Ads

On today’s show, the guys cover an American Airlines baggage handler falling asleep in the cargo hold of a plane in Kansas City and waking up in Chicago, an Australian man who died after being in a coma for several years after eating a slug and contracting rat lungworm, a 22-year-old Scottish man having his testicles bitten off by his own English bulldog, and a Buffalo Bills fan finding human feces under his seat before a game. Todd also wants to know what faction or group of people the guys would choose to lead from any time period. They also play a little fact or fiction, answer some listener questions involving forming political attack ads for each other and handpicking superpowers, and they end the show with some vitamin thoughts. It’s a great time, come and join us.

This episode features @toddmccomas, @PatMcAfeeShow, @Digz, @nickmaraldo, @tyschmit, @BostonConnr, @VivalaZito, @evanfoxy, and @baileymccomas

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