Alright as I sit here on the recliners in front of the tv’s. I’m just thinking about what my meal is going to be February 1st. I have a list and I would love to share it with you. 


So basically this list consist of every place I’m going to go to and order one thing from the menu. 

  1. Portillo’s Beef 
    -With a cheese fry
  2. Steak Quesorito From Tbell
  3. Boneless wings from BDubs- Sauce TBD
  4. ChickFila Spicy Chicken
  5. Deep Dish Sausage Pizza
  6. Calamari
  7. Bread Sticks From kilroys
  8. Mango Salsa Salmon from a Fancy Restaurant
  9. Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory  
  10. Fish n Chips from an Irish Establishment
  11. Chicago Hot Dog

That’s what I have and I’m adding more and more everyday. You’re probably thinking Zito don’t do that you’ll have a heart attack or die. Yeah I’m prepared to leave this earth doing what I do best… eating. 


I’ve recently got advice from Matt Mitrione and I know I can trust a Fighter/Football Player that had to cut weight left and right. Here’s part of it. 


To be honest I didn’t understand what he was saying… I was just hoping he didn’t turn a switch on and just kill me. Luckily that didn’t happen and I’m still here but I did take one thing from the convo and it was to take a bath at 120 degrees for abaht 25 minutes and wrap your self like a tortilla after the fact and keep the heat in. That was one of the most insane things I’ve ever heard. That’s literally what they do to lobsters. I think he was trying to kill me but what ever… what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 


What to expect this upcoming 20 days…I’ve been staying in the office after the steam everyday and just shooting around and running around trying to break a sweat. I think I’m going to start running suicides every night. 


The Competition

Alright as of right now I have so much Real Estate (not sure if thats one word or not) in Digs brain. 


Tim is still a massive wild card he’s fighting for the kids and he has this mentality where I honestly believe he can lose 100 pounds out of no where. He has those old school Yinzer tactics…That I’m honestly afraid of. I’ve been behind him since day one. Make sure to give the foundation a follow at this link. 

Todd… I think he going dahn mentally he ordered pizza to my house.


Doesn’t even phase me…I took one whiff and threw that garbage pizza away. If he really wanted to get in my head he would have went the extra mile and order some deep dish or an Italian beef. But thats just me. I can’t wait to send a sausage basket to his house and stuff them in all of his shoes and drawers.

End of the day I’m feeling good..I feel like I can get close to that 40 pound mark. Cant wait to give you another update…Thank you for reading through my 9th grade education writing. I also wanted to thank Mybookie and Fuego Box for offering this opportunity to be able to lose this weight and have people the people watching contribute with the weight loss as well. Make sure to head to the site make a bet send my bet slip and purchase the Fuego Box Sauces. Honestly these sauces have added so much flavor to  my food and very appreciative to them.

Make sure to tune in at noon Monday and Friday for the weigh-ins and make sure to mash that #teamzito everywhere in the chat…See you there.

From The Desk of Director of Morale


Bear Dahn Till The End of Time

Disclaimer: I’m not made for the blogging world. 

I have been dreading this blog for three days…Just kept pushing it back and not coming back to it. This is me retyping it for the twelfth time. And to be honest still have no idea what to say. The first couple drafts were smashing Cody Parkey. But he doesn’t really deserve it as much, he did his job till the end and happened to miss one of the biggest fields goals of his life…but we’ll talk about that later. But let’s back it up.


In the beginning of the season everyone thought the Bears would be a below 500 team. But I had faith and I knew Mitch would have a good season. AND YES I DID NOT KNOW WHO MATT NAGY WAS BEFORE PRESEASON but as a Bears fan I’ve always had trust issues with coaches post Lovie. Trestman and Fox is the reason I didn’t know who Coach Nagy was.


Back to the game…yeah it was questionable play calls and Tarik Cohen not getting the ball as much as he should off. Also Trey Burton not playing was so weird…He was mic’ed up last week and it didn’t sound he was injured at all or they didn’t talk about it on the broadcast or postgame. I honestly believe he sat out because he didn’t want to play his old team. Having Trey there we would have had some more options for Mitch…No doubt. 


So it comes down do I think this kick fucked the Bears over…


Yes, it most definitely did. And yeah it was blocked and yes the snap and hold was a little sketchy. But I think this game was decided a couple drives before this. It was third down, Philly goes for the pass its a shit pass but Adrian Amos didn’t have a good sight on the ball and he happened to get a helmet on helmet. (couldn’t find footage of it) That penalty gave the Eagles a first down and later on a touchdown. That in my head was the decider of the game. That brought the drive back to life and gave them the biggest opportunity of the game. Obviously there were more plays that added up to the loss but in my eyes that was the downfall. 


And I do believe you win as a team and you lose as a team. As corny as that sounds but it’s so true. Not one person can take the sword. The team will use this sadness and have a chip on their shoulder and come back even stronger. MARK MY WORDS. 

From The Desk of The Director of Morale




I’m certainly missing food… I’m in withdrawals instead of scratching my neck, I scratch my belly to try to stop all of my stomach growls. But I knew this was going to happen. Last time it took about six days to get use to the to this new habit. This time I’m guessing it’ll take about four days to get passed this meth like withdrawals. Also having food dream nightmares aren’t fun at all. In the nightmare I was in the kitchen with every accomplished chef and they were making all of my favorite meals. I have to get all of those evil thoughts out and stick to the one salad a day.


Also my boy copley sent me this idea and I may or may of not purchased this bad boy.


Can’t gain weight if you’re always moving. I just made that up and I think it’s going to stick. But on the real I’ve never felt better…actually feel somewhat healthy instead of stuffing my face with a burger at 9am.

SPOILER AHEAD: So I weighed in at 261 and some change and I think I’m dahn 4 or 5 already one day in with this “diet”. Yeah I get thats all water weight but I’ve never felt more confident for a 40 pound weight loss in my life. 


Also I love how everyone is joining in on this challenge. Last time when we did this challenge it was really cool to see so many people reach out and ask or to give tips. We’re all on the same team so let’s shed some pounds and  thank you for the support lets do this.   

So make sure to head over to Mybookie and place your bets you have until January 3rd, lets bankrupt them and make a shit load of money. 

From the Desk of Director of Morale


DISCLAIMER: I’m not made for the blogging world. 

Alright I’m back home for Christmas and all I’ve seen is people talking about this new DC Comics online streaming show… Here’s the trailer. 

Yeah I just finished streaming eleven episodes (Every episode is about fifty minutes). Santa is about to get here and I’m all jacked up. I stopped watching about thirty minutes ago and I’m puzzled, I’ve been looking online to see when season two is coming out. All I want for Christmas is to see what happens next. 

Let’s back up, apparently this show came out the middle of October. I had no idea but HOLY SHIT… This is the bounce back DC needed. This show is dark has good fight scenes and the story itself is very captivating.

I don’t want to ruin anything for you guys but I’ll break somethings dahn… Alright Dick Grayson is not a fan of Batman.


We have Starfire who just annihilates people with fire.


We also have Raven and she seems to be the main character basically and the reason why the team is put together. 


Also Gar… He’s a badass 


Holy Shit how could I forget about the beautiful MINKA KELLY who plays Dawn Granger.


Many more characters but this whole show had me on the edge of my seat nonstop action but I will say some storylines were kinda weird but other than that I can honestly say this is better than the Justice League movie (not saying much since a lot of people hated the movie). The only downfall about this show you have to head over to The DC Universe Website.

I thought I would hate this show because you have to jump on their subscription plan to watch their shit… but there is ways around not having to pay for the subscription but I ended up paying for it because IT WAS THAT GOOD. 

Thank you so much and Merry Christmas..If you’re looking for a show to binge before you have to get back to work, throw this on your list. 

From The Desk of Director of Morale 

Men in Black International Trailer Has Been Released.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not made for the blogging world


Alright I’ve watched this trailer about 24 and half times and can’t get enough of it. The cast looks promising with Mr. Neeson, he looks like the boss. Now we have Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, I really enjoyed their work together in Thor Ragnorak. Also they brought back Agent O and she doesn’t look too much older so the timeline shouldn’t be that far off  with Agent J and K.


About 30 seconds in they show a picture of the famous fight scene against Edgar the Bug. I have a feeling that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will have an appearance or there will be a connection between them to the cast now. Other characters they brought back are the worm guys, they’ve always been a comedic release in the previous movies. 


Alright now the new Lexus sponsorship kinda sucks they don’t have the Lincoln anymore but that’s fine but they’re giving up a lot of good trunk space that’s why they have to store all the weapon on the exterior of the vehicle now and even in the rims. Also enjoyed that they didn’t get rid of the red button humor good homage to the other films. 

This film will be held in high standards… they’re going to have to prove a lot to surpass Agent J and K but it is promising. I can’t wait for this summer..I’m counting down the days.

From The Desk of Director of Morale

Is Carlton Taking Dahn Fortnite?

DISCLAIMER – I’m not made for the blogging world.

Alright Alfonso Ribeiro also know as Carlton from one of the greatest tv shows from our childhood Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I’m not sure if I’m able to choose sides but what the heck lets break down both sides. 

Alfonso Ribeiro AKA Carlton

Alright I researched what he did post Fresh Prince and it’s not a lot, no offense of course but just a bunch of tv shows and he landed big with Dancing with The Stars. But other than that not a lot so does this justify for him to sue Fortnite for a dance he never actually copyrighted himself.

Like I get he’s in the process but if he really thought he should have copyrighted it… shouldn’t he have done that right after Fresh Prince or is he doing it because he starting to see how much money its worth. I believe 2K is an other lawsuit Carlton has as well. So the question is do I believe Fortnite should pay the people for using their dance?


Yes!!! Of course, Fortnite has made so much money for having skins and influenced pop culture dance moves from a lot of people. But for the lawsuit I don’t think you can have “Intellectual Property” on a dance move. Then the movie Bring It On would have been way shorter and Kristen Dunst  character would be in jail.


Editor note: Never in my life did I think I can use a Bring It On reference ever.

Alright so it seems like other people are jumping on this lawsuit train. People joining the lawsuit is Backpack Kid, 2 Milley, and Snoop Dogg. End of the day we talked about it on the show this morning but I feel like this lawsuit can’t work.  Even Alfonso was back tracking and said he didn’t originate the dance. Every dance is based of an other dance thats the whole point of choreography. 

Maybe this lawsuit will be the downfall of Fortnite but I truly believe that they will rise from the ashes like a phoenix and come back even stronger. 


From The Desk of Director of Morale

Chicago Bears Kings of The NFC North

DISCLAIMER: I’m not made for the blogging world. 

Yesterday watching the game I was a roller coaster of emotion, dreading about what happened in the first week.


I didn’t want to gain too fast of a lead like week one, only because that means Aaron Rodgers would have an other epic comeback and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if they did that to us again. 


Alright here were some other thoughts going through the ol’ cranium. The Packers were 0-6 or 7 on the road. They Didn’t have Mike McCartney  (not sure if that was good or bad). Was Mitchell Trubisky healthy… End of the day I knew that the defense would come through. I also knew Mitchell was on another level when he came in with this sweater.


So many plays stuck out from this game but for some reason this Khalil Mack butt sack..stuck out the most. Maybe because this is the first time I’ve seen a defensive player do this. Usually the first thing a coach teaches you always keep squared up with the ball but for some reason Khlil was able to do the impossible and get the tackle…I just imagined the truck back up noise when he made that tackle.


Coach Nagy was obviously a big part of all this.. I was saying last week he’s a legit football genius. His whole mantra “Be You” has created a culture in the locker room. You can see the whole team rally behind that saying and believing in their coach. 


Coach Nagy is the second rookie coach to take the Bears to the playoff since George Halas and thats also been almost a century since that happened. Brings me to this why are the Bears winning I talked about it earlier. The culture that this new team has created is amazing…but I think one of the major reasons for this is CLUB DUB


End of the day people doubted what Bears could be.. I never doubted my quarterback or my team. I knew it was going to be a good year and whatever happens in the playoffs I’m behind them. Can you imagine a Club Dub Super Bowl Party. Let’s do it. 



From the Desk of Director of Morale

Walmart Thief Wants Justice

Disclaimer: I’m not made for the blogging world. 

Today I woke up with a dried contact on my eyeball because I forgot to take them off last night, but after that debacle I was searching the old timeline and watched a video that WGN posted out. 


How ridiculous is this?I honestly thought this was a joke or something. Had to do some average research, to find it wasn’t. And also how were the games add up to only 300 bucks. Brand new video games go for about 60 bucks and you add ten of those up that should come out to about 600 bucks before tax. But the reporter that’s reporting this isn’t on the stand lets start with Christopher “An Avid Criminal” 


Alright so Christopher looks like he would be a perfect fit with Marv and Harry. I can’t believe he had the audacity to say that The High-school Defensive Lineman deserved to be charged with a crime for stopping him like a fourth down QB sneak. 


End of the day Mark Hammer dropped the hammer on Christopher, and I couldn’t be any happier. Mark deserves a walk on chance to any college team and maybe even a NFL team. His break down and pursuit angle was spot on and never let go of his tackle till he heard the echo of the whistle. So thank you Mark Hammer for your heroic stand and Christopher don’t drop the soap.

From The Desk of Director of Morale


Well not really…

Disclaimer: I’m not made for the blogging world.

I’ve been following these stories for some months now. It was actually going to be my vitamin thought but always forgot to say it on the podcast. Let me tell you the backstory. Here’s a trending article on twitter below ( I feel thats what a blogger would do).


Alright that might have been too many tweets but I couldn’t figure out how to have less. So I hope you read a couple and then scrolled dahn. Alright I’m not a big conspiracy guy but with all this new facial recognition…I’m becoming one. 


Ever since I updated my phone to the new iPhone…I was a little hesitant because of this face scans and it wasn’t for the conspiracy reason, but for more of I won’t be able to get in my phone when I want and I didn’t think it would work at all. I’ve owned the new phone for about 5 months and I haven’t had a lot of problems. That concerned me because the only times it would cause a problem is when I change my appearance. (Some examples new hat, shaving my beard off, and new sun glasses). After the first couple scans it works perfect. So now my phone knows all of my “disguises” if i was a spy. All I know Jason Bourne would never own one of these fancy phones.


Alright let me know if this is a “new-conspiracy guy” just rambling nonsense… Because I know this could work for good but its creepy if the big companies are just selling what I look like at all times. And I know I’m not the target they’re looking for but I just feel cheated. 


From the Desk of Director of Morale


DISCLAIMER: I’m not made for the blogging world

Hello all.. so before I was appointed as Director of Morale of the Heartland Office.


I was a big video games enthusiast and helped start The Pat McAfee Show Twitch Stream. During the process Connor and I learned its not easy to grow a channel but if you put in work you can grow a pretty sweet community.


So basically I wanted to start a weekly video game update. Sometimes it’ll be a video game highlight or even maybe me dunking on stream.


But todays big updates comes from Fortnite and Call of Duty Blackout. The only way a Battle Royale game stays relevant now in days is constant changes or “New Seasons”. Sometimes people hate it and some love the new changes.

Fortnite Update

Alright so Fortnite Season 7… we’ve seen many changes and its by far the most drastic change yet. Alright maybe not the most drastic but aside from the snowy edition side of the map thats all.


Epic has also added old school fighter planes and basically the Halo Sword. Let me start with the fighter plane first…

I wish I can say I’m a fan but every time I’ve played I’m always on the receiving end of the planes instead of the shitting on people with them. My opinion can change on this but besides getting sweet snipes and knocking pilots out of the plane…I get it..its fun. Let’s get to the Halo Sword…


I haven’t personally played with the sword yet but I’ve seen some footage of it and it seems like a mash up of the Thanos gameplay with a King Arthur feel to it and also the Halo sword. 


They added these weird zip-lines all over the map and at first I didn’t think I’d like it but…they’ve grown on me. It’s good for getting out of a pickle and could be used for very strategic kills. You also don’t have to waste mats going up mountains. 

Alright I was going to add a Blackout update portion. Unfortunately the update hasn’t came to xbox yet.. till next week I’ll make sure to type one up next week. Thank you so much

From the Desk of Director of Morale